Naughty Miko – Naughty Nurse

Naughty Nurse Costume
Naughty Miko the Naughty Nurse

Happy Halloween!

I know… Just saying it isn’t enough so I decided to show you what a happy Halloween looks like.

Naughty Miko above is our naughty nurse for a day. I am sure no one in the audience today will have a problem with receiving a sponge bath from a hot Asian nurse! I know I wouldn’t…

Miko is the poster child of hot Asian women. She is timeless. She has small but pert breasts. But unlike most Asian babes you are used to, Miko has a thick booty! An extra gift. A little something-something to hold on to while you fuck her.

One of Miko’s best traits is her shaven pussy. God damn if it isn’t the smoothest and sexiest beaver you ever laid your eyes on. And Miko isn’t affraid to show it off for the camera. Now that is my kind of Asian! updates on a weekly basis. Updates include both pics and a video. You can get some samples on the tour. Members get to talk to Miko on her message board and read her private journal. You also get access to all of her friends…. What? Yup… All 10 of them!

That is a Halloween bargain if I ever saw one. You had better take them up on the offer before it is gone!

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