TNV Girls – Lesbian Love

Two teens going 69!

My job is to find you the best porn for the best price. To steer you clear of web sites that suck. I take that job seriously. When I want to see teen girls kissing, fondeling each others pussies and licking each others clits, I go to

Why TNV Girls? Because they are a one stop shop for guys like me. Personally I don’t like dudes in my porn. To put it bluntly, I don’t like dude ass, dude back, dude legs, dude hair, dude anything. I like chicks and Thursday Night Video Girls is full of hot chicks!

They have chicks in panties. All sorts of panties. Teasing you with solo masturbation and teasing each other with sapphic love. They have lots of kissing. Chicks kissing each other in long sensual embrases. They also have coeds going down on each other. Not just any girls… but hot girls that are enjoying themselves. Girls that can’t believe how lucky they are to do one another. Girls just the way I like them.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are times I don’t mind dudes in my porn. I don’t mind point of view blowjobs for one. But, when it comes to spending money, why not get a web site populated only by lesbian chicks? You get twice the girl in every scene. Sometimes five times the girl!

Beauty is important and beauty isn’t just about hot boddies, it is also about hot faces too. Sure cotton panties clinging to a firm butt are hot, but if she has a horse face you couldn’t jack off to her could you? Of course not. TNV Girls has hot coed girls. Girls you’d be happy to show off to your friends.

If you have a panty obsession and you love watching girls making out, you need to get your very own password!

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Rakhee’s World – Now Topless!

Teasing with tissue.

If only there were more girls in the world like Rakhee. Everyone and their mother wants to get rich off the Internet and everyone and their mother is opening a solo model site to try and do so. But not everyone in the world is beautiful. Rakhee’s World is home to one of the hottest models in the world. Certainly the hottest Indian model the world has ever seen.

Recently Rakhee caved into her fans requests and went topless. Keep asking and we just might get to see all of this Indian Goddess!

Not only is Rakhee hot but the photographer actually takes his job seriously. He knows lighting, color coordination and how to bring out the best in his models. This site is more than just porn, it is art! Click the tour link and check out the level of detail and contrast. This is a level of photography usually associated with the likes of Playboy. is updated on a weekly basis. Everything is exclusive so you cannot see this girls beauty anywhere else. You also get access to her message board to interact with her on a more personal level.

Are you ready to take your appreciation of the female form to a whole new level?

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Rakhee’s World