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The Secret to Adult Hookups

The Secret to Adult Hookups

It’s funny that a lot of guys try to make adult hookups to be something more complicated than it really is. Well, if you are over-thinking the whole idea of meeting a total stranger online and then setting up a time and a place where you can fuck, you are simply sabotaging yourself. That’s really what’s happening in that situation. You are somehow, some way, at a subconscious level, trying to get yourself out of that situation.

I can see where you’re coming from because, let’s face it, when it comes to sex, most guys think that it has to be absolutely hard. In fact, most guys resign themselves to thinking that getting laid is just something that you really have to work on continuously and you have to be very lucky.

Well, I’m sorry to break this to you. There’s a reason why certain guys hook up at dance clubs and singles bars all day. Seriously. They just need to show up, and pussy flocks to them.

It’s not because they have some sort of magical amulet that they wave around. It’s not because their dicks are eighteen inches long or they drive Lamborghinis and Ferraris. It’s not like they’re drug dealers. No. The reason why they hook up is because they know how the game is played.

If you want to increase your chances of success with hookup dating, you need to know how the game is played. The good news is that it’s actually simpler than you think. In fact, it’s conventional wisdom. The problem is that most guys are so busy over-complicating things and trying to read in all sorts of weird, convoluted details that they completely miss out. It’s simpler than you think. Pay attention to the three following ingredients.

Look Good

I’m not saying that you should rush to your local plastic surgeon and have some work done so you start looking like George Clooney or Brad Pitt. No, I’m not saying that at all. Regardless of what you look like, even if you look like Quasimodo, you still need to look good. How?

Take a bath. Get a haircut. Brush your teeth. Make sure that your skin isn’t greasy. You know what I mean? Basic hygiene. Be presentable. That’s what I mean by looking good. Regardless of what you look like, you might look like a pimple on somebody’s butt, there will be a woman out there who would find you attractive.

Let’s face it. You’re trying to get laid at an online sex site. The women there are looking for sex. They’re not really looking for good-looking guys. So, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t look like an Abercrombie & Fitch model. Get over that. As long as you’re clean and as long as you’re presentable, you’re good to go.

Be Proactive

I can’t begin to tell you as to how many guys think that all they need to do to get laid at an online dating site is to show up. I’m sorry to break this to you, but while Woody Allen is right that success is mostly about showing up, that’s not the complete picture.

You have to do something when you show up. You have to chase that pussy. You have to send out lots of message requests and lots of messages, and just really put in the work. You have to roll up your sleeves and kiss goodbye to all those easy dating ideas you had in mind. You have to be proactive.

The good news is that if you don’t want to do this yourself, you can outsource it. There are lots of Virtual Assistants from the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, you name it, that would love to be your Virtual Assistant. They’ll filter the pussy for you. They’ll send all the messages. They’ll be your online Don Juan. You just sit back, get the positive replies, and nail that pussy. How awesome is that?

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Hot Teens Stripping At The Beach

Hot Teens Stripping At The Beach

When you are a girl and you are super hot the rules no longer apply to you. If these were three ugly chicks pulling each other’s bathing suits off and stripping at the beach the cops would be called. In this case the lifeguards are all too busy enjoying the show to remember to pick up the phone.

It just goes to show you that hot chicks stripping off each other’s bathing suits off at the beach is par for the course when human decency is pushed to the side by testosterone.

The girl in the middle of this beach bathing suit debacle is Raven Riley. She is a sexy solo model with a need to have the world see her naked. I know. My kind of girl right?

Just imagine paying all of that money for a beach front condo and you get to see this kind of show. it makes it all worth it if you ask me.

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Back in my high school years a sight like this one was almost too good to be true. A girl you are swimming with comes up after a dive and doesn’t know her boob has slipped out of her bathing suit top. You want to be chivalrous and tell her, but you also don’t want to make her feel embarrassed, or have this moment end too soon.

Just like that your friend has now provided you with what will become the most jerked off memory you will have for years to come. After that day you will go on to suggest to other girls that they should dive into the pool as well hoping for a repeat performance. You dirty bastard, you!

So who is this barely legal girl providing the nipple slip? Her name is Selina 18 and she is just one of the many girls you will get with a Premium GFs. Not only does she look precious, Selina is bisexual so you get to see her with girls and boys. Often at the same time!

This network takes the best parts of high school and melds them with the best porno you have ever seen. Put them together and you have a teen sex extravaganza worthy of your cum. You might want to get a towel. You are going to be here for awhile.

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Right now it is forty degrees outside with wind and rain blowing. Inside my house it is a cozy seventy-eight degrees with a warm wind blowing across the ocean from the East. Webcam girl VikkyFox is heating things up for me and she can do the same for you too!

As a free teen cams guest you can chat with girls like Vikky. They take those dull, dreary days that make up a work week and make them feel like a weekend romp is Barbados!

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Don’t feel weird about checking out this cute wet bikini butt pic. Not taking the time to enjoy this picture is what would make Skye Model upset. She went through all of the trouble of setting this shot up and she is hoping you will enjoy it.

When Skye was coming close to her 18th birthday she wanted to do something risky. She has always been a bit of an exhibitionist and so it was only natural for her to head down to Los Angeles to do some naughty modeling!


At first Skye Model wasn’t sure if anybody would even want to see pictures of her. I mean, she is actually kind of plain when you think about it. She has perky tits, but then so do most barely legal girls. She has a tight body, but then a lot of girls just graduating high school have killer bodies.

From the way the photographer and production crew reacted to her in her wet bikini Skye knew she had something special. A girl next door quality that would be a hit with men on the Internet.


Besides, while most girls her age do have a nice rack of small tits, the vast majority of them aren’t willing to show them off!


While her boobs are perky and her butt is firm I think Skye’s biggest (or smallest) asset is her tight little pussy. She is a virgin so her pussy is super hungry. You can tell because in just about every picture set and video on her site Skye’s pussy is eating her panties!


Breaker-one-niner you are cleared to land on runway one. Watch for hazards around the bellybutton piercing and be careful at the end of the runway as there are some stiff mounds off to both the East and the West.

Roger that, tower. Give me my goggles guys, we are going in!

Enough with the giddiness. It is time to put up or shut up. When you join Skye Model you are supporting her decision to open herself up on the Internet. In return she gives you access to nine of her friends!

I think this is what they call a win-win!

Bikini Inspector




So I am strolling the beach the other day and I am inspecting the bikinis all of the girls are wearing when some girls dad jumps out in front of me and asks me, what my "fucking" problem is. Startled I ask him what problem do we have? He tells me that he doesn’t like me checking out his daughter while she is learning to surf. Hmm… Okay…

I really don’t get it. Do parents really think they can allow their daughters to wear skimpy bikinis and nobody is going to want to look? Besides, this dudes daughter was a freshman in college. She can take care of herself!

But this got me to thinking… Sites like the Bikini Inspector really are a better option for checking out hot babes in bikinis. First, off there aren’t any irate parents to give you a hard time. Second, half the time the girls send their pics in hoping to read what guys say about them. And finally, you can surf Bikini Inspector for far less than it would cost to make it to the beach!

Emily 18 Beach Bikini Pics


Tell your friends that you are getting married and they will probably cry and whine like little bitches. Why? Because in the past getting married meant your life stopped! Not anymore though… Now we have the Internet!

With the Internet comes a whole new way of looking at the world. Where before you needed to leave your home and buy porn at some liquor store, or an adult store just for buying porn, these days you can stay home and get it over a high speed line!

Hey, when I first got into porn it was traded via phone lines. If I wanted to download the Emily 18 gallery above I would have had to set it all up in a queue and then wait ALL NIGHT for it to download. High rez pics? Forget about it! Video? You gotta fucking be kidding me right?

But these days you can stream videos like it is nothing. You don’t even have to download them because streaming them is often just as quick as opening them up on your computer. Only, streaming them means less shit for wifey-boo to find!

So have an innocent fling with a girl half your age. Shit… Emily18 is about 1/3 my age now. Fuck I am getting old… But I don’t feel like it. I have wall-to-wall pussy around me 24 hours a day. So can you with an password!

Tell your friends you are getting married. Then treat yourself to a wedding present with Emily 18!

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Chilly where you are at? Then spice things up with some fresh teen hotties from!


No wait…


No… That isn’t my pin code… That is the order in which I’d fuck the hell out of these four fine ass babes.

#2 Gets it first. I am betting she likes blowing cock and my sperm would make for a nice palette cleansing shot.

#4 Comes in second because I like her bathing suit. No, seriously! Always wanted to play with a girls titties in a tube top!

#3 I imagine this girl would be a little fuck-box. Nice tight body. Athletic. Yeah… She could go all night long!

#1 Gets it last… Sorry, girl, but you need to lose some of that clothing if you want some of what papas got!

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This site started out as a forum with some kinky kind of point system. If you uploaded like 10 photos you could then download like 25 of somebodies else photos or some shit like that. That was all well and good back when the Internet was new, these days though, that really blows!

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The Candid Board Candid Beach Photos


Do you think these two girls know they are extremely hot? You bet your fucking ass they do! That’s why they are showing off their teenage bodies before old age sets in. Sorry, mom, sorry, dad, but your daughter isn’t wasting her final year of being a teenager with killer looks on turtleneck sweaters and long pants, mmmkay?

It is summertime and you should be at the river. For whatever reason you aren’t at the river, so it is time to bring the river to you with a membership to The Candid Board. Not only do you get daily updates of the hottest beach going babes from around the world, you also get upskirt videos, bikini videos, street candids, camel toe pics and vids, and a whole lot more!

The Candid Board started out as a online community where you had to upload your own unique stuff to get access to other peoples stuff. Then they decided to open it up to everyone for a small monthly fee. Now it is the largest community of its kind!

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Ariel Rebel on the Beach


Every once in a while someone sends me one of those Jailbait pictures with a thick black border and white lettering that say something like, "Jailbait, you keep getting older and they just stay the same!"

The same can be said about Ariel Rebel. As I am approaching my forties my body, hair and overall look is rapidly changing, however, has been online for six years now and guess what? She hasn’t changed a bit!

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Teenie Beach GFs


Don’t hate on her because she looks younger than your daughter. She can’t help it. Honestly, you think she likes getting carded everywhere she goes? It does get old after a while!

Teenie Beach Gfs finds young looking hotties like these and does so on a daily basis. When they aren’t finding them, the hotties are coming to them first!

With over 1,000,000 pics and videos in the members area you could say this site is huge. With five bonus sites you could say this network is the bomb! With thousands of barely legal teens like the one above you could say this is nirvana!