Tammy Tate


Another teen in the shower?

No, this one is a coed.

Her name is Tammy Tate and she has a huge set of tits with some nipples capable of erasing 100+ lines of single spaced text!

Tammy’s site is all about teasing. If you are into being teased this is the site for you. If you prefer seeing pussy without a very thin vale of panties covering them or want to see the model have sex with someone (or even just with herself) Tammy Tate won’t work for you!

However, if you enjoy watching a girl rub oil into her feet or sit in provocative positions while wearing only panties this site is right up your alley. How about Tammy licking her own toes?

Tammy Tate has plenty of “Cleft of Venus” shots with panties on. That is another name for camel toe when the girl has a virgin looking pussy. In other words, when she has a cleft instead of a pastrami sandwich.

This girl has a great pussy when you view it from underneath a pair of see through panties. Her tits couldn’t be better for a model with big tits and like I said, her nipples have their own unique character. I just wish they would have paired Tammy Tate with some of the other girls in the program because at $34.95 a month it is a lot for no pussy shots.

The navigation is easy. Everything is broken down into months so you can span the ages of time and see what she looks like now versus what she looked like a year ago. Not a whole lot has changed except maybe her tits got even bigger and springier.

If you like to be teased, Tammy Tate will leave you wanting more. If you are reading this review months after I have written it, they may have taken my advice and paired her with more girls. Check the tour and see for yourself!

Young Libertines – Bathroom Voyeur


You either did it or you thought about it (long and hard). Everyone wanted to spy on a girl in the shower and while some of us got a chance to, others didn’t. Whether you did spy on a girl in the shower or not, Young Libertines has you covered for your next escapade as a bathroom voyeur.

I was one of the ones that got to see a girl in the tub. She had absolutely no idea I had snuck into the bathroom with her. I got the idea to sneak in when I heard some loud skin-rubbing-on-tub sounds. I wondered what in the fuck she was doing.

So I popped the lock and quickly entered the bathroom. Her tub had one of those sliding glass doors and I slid one open a little bit. There she was. Naked with her small tits peaking up at me and her eyes closed. Mouth open and gasping for breath.

She was running the bath water over her clit. I had struck gold. My dick went instantly hard and I didn’t know how much more time I had. It was time to masturbate in double-time. Watching her body rolling around and making those noises sent me over the edge in no time.

I needed to cum and grabbed a towel. Boom. Time to get the fuck out before I am discovered. Too bad I wouldn’t get to see her cum. I took my towel with me and put a different one in its place. Hopefully she wouldn’t notice the color change. Chicks are weird like that.

Eventually she would let me know about her bathroom masturbation and even show me how she would masturbate with a shower massager.


It has been 20 years since them and my memory is fading. Too much pot perhaps. Young Libertines helps me to remember those years. Banging hot teens with perfect bodies. Spying on them in the shower.

Young Libertines updates regularly with 100% exclusive content. No paid models, just amateur girls you haven’t seen before. Sure, they aren’t all 10’s… or even 8’s or 7’s. I think that is the idea. Lots of girl next door types. I am sure a dozen of them will remind you of a special someone and a special time you had with her.

Grab your Young Libertines password and enjoy the weekend!

Abby Winters – Johanna

abby winters johanna020.jpg abby winters johanna104.jpg

If there is one thing in life I absolutely, positively won’t do, it is get tired of looking at the girls next door at Abby Winters. Girls like Johanna above model for Abby because Abby has a motto: Don’t fuck with the girls (unless it is a sex scene of course) and don’t fuck with the surfers either!

I have been a paying member of Abby Winters for over three years and I would never dream of cancelling. She updates the site with a buffet of Australian babes every week. This update schedule means an archive of porn so vast it will take you months to properly explore it.

Exploration is a good word to define Abby Winters brand of porn. The girls are exploring themselves and each other. Surfers just like you are exploring the girls, their interactions, their explorations and as a surfer you begin to ask yourself, “Have I been duped all of this time? Buying crap sites with the same air brushed bullshit? Having these sites play with my credit card?”

The answer is, “Yes, you have been duped!”

Stop the insanity! Join Abby Winters and grab all three flavors for $39 a month. Yes, it is more than the $28 someone else is charging you. No, they won’t hide in the terms an upgrade to somewhere else for $70 like the other people are going to do to you.

Members of all three flavors of Abby Winters get weekly updates including:

  • 11 new videos in total every week!
  • 7 new image sets in total every week!
  • 3 new solo models every week!
  • 2 returning solo models every week!
  • 2 new Girl-Girl videos! (Fun, Make-Out, Hardcore)
  • 3 one-girl masturbation videos
  • 2 two-girl masturbation videos!
  • Backstage content from all of the sites
  • Access to Eight Years of Archived Material!

Watching two girls masturbate in front of one another for their first time ever is amazing. I simply cannot put it into words. And the conversations these girls have! It is like spying on your buddy’s sister and her friends all over again!

Abby Winters is one of life’s pleasures that should not be denied!

Cierra Spice


Would I hit it? Oh, only about two—wenty times or so. And that is just during my lunch hour. Wait until I get home. Then it is time to bang this barely legal beauty until she is raw!

Cierra Spice is the new girl on the block at the La Zona Modelos network. They specialize in finding hot Latina teens no one would dream of turning away. Girls like Gigi Spice and Pamela Spice have already graced the pages here at 8teen.in.

Not all of the girls from La Zona have small tits like Cierra Spice. Some of them have big tits, but most are B-Cups or less. Unlike most of the girls Cierra Spice doesn’t do hardcore. But don’t worry, because plenty of others do and you get access to them all!


That’s right! As a member of Cierra Spice you also get access to several other solo models and some of them do hardcore. Plus, you get access to the sites that started these solo models on their careers. La Zona Modelos and Pacino’s World.

Why would anyone into Latina teens go anywhere else?