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Your young daughter is growing and developing before you know it, she will be a teenager. Do you know what this means? She will now want to discover herself better. Remember adolescence stage kick-starts here. For most of us, parents, bringing up the sex topic, which is the most relevant at this stage proves to be quite tricky. Perhaps it is some unnecessary shame that clouds us.
Some of us also assume that the teacher at school will do enough. But wait, is this enough? Did you know kids tend to hear more of their parents than even teachers? Meaning, as a parent, you, too, have a role to play in this. Let me show you how.

Teach a little Biology to her

Educating your daughter on the topic of sex is essential at this stage of her life. Do not assure that what she hears on television or learn from class is always enough. When you are with her, bring yourself to her level and make her understand her sexuality and what that means. Ensure she understands how people have sex and why. Like sex dolls love, they should not just “sex toys”..

Remind her of your family values

Living on positive attributes and values as a family will so much help your daughter in her teenage. In most cases, they will automatically install in her and will show in her wherever she goes. Remind her of the worth of abstinence and self-respect. Make her also understand the importance of greater integrity and honesty.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

At teenage, your daughter would have known about sex already or at least played it. As a parent, you should be on the watch that she remains safe. Make her aware of the presence of STD’s with proof examples if you can. Let them understand the manifestation of each and how they can permanently alter their life if one acquires any. Ensure she understands the need to play safe sex and more so the best protection she should use.

Impacts of sex

Aside from either getting pregnant or acquiring STIs, your daughter must know that sex requires mature emotions. It is a physical activity that intertwines emotions and creates a bond between the associated parties. Such bonding may blind you when you want to make the right relationship choice. At the end of it, you will ever face conflicts in your relationship as a result of making the wrong choice.

Educate her on abortion

Make sure your daughter understands what abortion is, how people do it, and the risks involved. So much insist on the dangers since they are severe. Remind her that abstinence is much better to avoid being in such situations as of deciding whether to abort or not.


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It really is best if people in the porn industry stick with what they are good at and try not to be clever, because more often than not, they just aren’t. If they were they would have been lawyers, doctors or perhaps even working on the cure for cancer. They’re in the porn industry for a reason.

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