Misty Gates


Anyone for a sleepover?

That dark haired vixen is Misty Gates and she wants to spend a month in your arms… With your cock buried deep inside her of course.

Misty is the perfect good/bad girl. She looks so sweet and innocent when you bring her home to meet mom and pop, but when she gets her night at the prom all alone with you, watch out! She is hungry for blood… or… cum!

When it cums to masturbation Misty Gates wins the competition for the best techniques hands down. She has a vast assortment of tricks she likes to satisfy herself with.

One of my personal favs is the video of Misty on the killer whale pool toy. She oils herself up and then rubs that tender young vagina of hers along the whales back until she cums. I actually had a friend with benefits that used to do the same thing with her pool toys. Needless to say, I always said yes when she invited me over for swimming.

Along with the usual video and picture updates of this small tits, barely legal teen, you also get two live cam shows a week.

Guys into young looking models in panties and bras that get completely naked will find MistyGates.com a great place to blow off some steam. If ya know what I mean.

8Teenies – Melissa


Go right ahead. Click the pic. Don’t worry, she is 100% legal and she wants you to look at her. To discover her beauty and to help her realize just how great she looks.

Her name is Melissa and she is one of the hottest Internet models I have ever seen. This picture is taken from a set of her at 8Teenies.com. Melissa has a total of six picture sets there.

Most of the girls at 8Teenies have multiple sets. That way you can really get to know the girls and see them in different outfits. Sometimes they are shy and tease a lot and other times they are total sluts.

Unfortunately there are not any preview galleries for Melissa. I guess she is so hot they don’t want to give anything away for her? Who knows… Then again, she is also brand new to 8Teenies so she doesn’t even show up on the tour yet. Maybe that is why I cannot find anything for her yet?

If you like em young 8Teenies.com will do you right!

Gigi Spice – Merry Christmas!


Looking at Gigi Spice above it is hard to find a reason to not like Christmas. Girls get giddy and springy and completely let their guard down. If you are having a hard time getting laid during Christmas I have news for you…

No, I am not going to call you a loser. I am going to tell you that spending money on chicks is a waist of time and you should be considering yourself lucky!

Lucky? WTF???

Hey, think about being in your position back in 1982. The best you could hope for is some porno mags and perhaps some porn on VHS or BetaMax. These days you have the Internet and it is loaded with pussy!

Finding chicks like Gigi Spice in porno mags used to be a once in a year thing. Pretty much it required Playboy to do their annual college issue or perhaps if you are really lucky, Hustler’s Barely Legal actually scored a good looking babe.

Now you are probably thinking that Barely Legal scores babes like Gigi Spice all the time. That is because of the Internet. Those hotties laid out in their pages these days are all solo models like Ariel Rebel. If you can find a back issue with her I highly recommend it!

Until then… GigiSpice.com is updated weekly with three different resolutions of videos in enough formats they will run on pretty much anything you have got. The picture updates are high resolution, which is good because Gigi Spice has a flawless body. Not many girls can get this close and personal.

So if you are alone or even if you have to dodge the wife and kids this Christmas in order to view your porn, make it Gigi Spice and have a fucking happy new year!