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I think I know what my cock likes by now and what it doesn’t like. I think it is going to be very obvious that right now it sure is liking what is on offer. Looking online for a little barely legal Asian Schoolgirl Porn it took no time at all to find a little cutie that was down for some action.

This girl was flaunting it like a beast. All dressed up in her uniform it was pure bliss to see her exposing that smoking hot body for the camera. I was doing my best to maintain just a little control, but you know what? I just wanted to let myself loose and for once I figured it was time to do just that.

I gave this tight Asian girl my full attention and I think she was pleased that I did. I don’t think I have ever busted my nut this quickly in my entire life, but guess what? you bet it was worth it. Something tells me that she isn’t quite done with me yet, as such I had better get myself ready for yet another round of action. I know you guys are going to love this just as much as I did!

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One of the most often heard gripes about webcam networks is that you feel like a lost soul shuffling through a cattle car. Sure they have hundreds of models online and tens of thousands of girls coming in and out all of the time, but is that what you really want from a cam site? What ever happened to less is more and having a personal relationship with the girls? With Cam With Her you can get back to what made cams great in the first place, passionate face time with a babe who is attentive to all of your needs – not just the sexual ones! is all about the girlfriend experience with those hot babes you used to drool over at school. The top babes from back then are now just seconds away from swooning over you, instead of you over them. All members of Cam With Her have VIP status!

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When you can screen grab a shot like this from an HD video on a tube site you know you are watching a high quality stream. With you can expect to find a large assortment of porn videos with no restrictions on how many you can watch. Some are higher quality than others, but with over a million titles in their database you can find the hottest pornstars in crystal clear vids!

As you can probably tell from my blog I am into barely legal girls like Amai Liu. I was shocked to shit when I saw that she has just shy of a thousand videos in their collection. Many of her videos are over 30 minutes long and contain the entire scene from title card to fade out after the cum shot.

Amai is certainly not alone on Porn Video Tubee either. She has over 1,000 other pornstars there to keep her company. And consequentially, so do you!

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Harriet Sugar Cookie footjob video

One of the things that makes the Internet such a fun, exciting and entertaining place is the fact that you can take in other cultures without having to leave your home. Should you be interested in Japanese girls giving footjobs you just have to turn to Their Asiantique porno films are the best. This French porn tube is loaded with high quality Asian adult movies.

Many of the videos are uploaded by the girls who appear in them. Like this Harriet Sugar Cookie footjob video. She temps and teases with her naughty pantyhose covered feet before giving full shots of her tight teen beaver.

Of course if that sort of thing doesn’t interest you there is always the possibility that you might be gay. In any case you might try the gay utrecht service to find men who are available in the Netherlands. By keeping your exploits over there you won’t get caught sucking another man’s penis here.

Or you could just sit back and enjoy Harriet’s video.

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Sometimes a girl is so over the top that her act is either too much or exactly what the doctor ordered. In this case I would consider WildAsiancat to be just what the doctor ordered. Her petite frame is perfect for dressing in Cosplay outfits. She can model just about anything and pull it off. I can only imagine what she looks like in a schoolgirl outfit!

This wild cat is a true switch. She can play any role you want her to play including young age play, submissive geisha, a take charge slut and more. Much, much more.

Not near a computer? Not a problem. Just whip out your cell phone and load their page. Their Asian mobile cam sex on is ready whenever you are!

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When it comes to fine Asian camel toe pics nobody else does them like Joon Mali. This Thai babe has been online now for just over three years and each and every week she has added several picture sets and a video. There is a lot of fine Asian camel toe waiting for you in the members area!

Joon Mali is unlike most Asian solo models in that she gets 100% naked and masturbates that smooth, shaved pussy of hers. With her tan skin, bubble butt and small tits Joon Mali “is” all that and a bag of chips.

Joon updates her site three times a week with new photos and a video. Along with her solo updates she also does updates with other girls.

Take a ride on the wild side with the Queen of Camel Toe, Joon Mali!

Obsessed With Myself


Everybody is coming out with ex-girlfriend sites. It is my job to weed through the bullshit and kick out all of the clutter. What we are left with is Obsessed With Myself.

What makes Obsessed With Myself so good? Well, for starters chicks that are indeed obsessed with themselves usually make the hottest and sluttiest videos!

Next, these videos are all self shot. And, you don’t just get videos, you get tens of thousands of pics too!

So now we have another problem with ex-girlfriend sites… Lots of pics and none of them in a series. Not here. Most of the pics at Obsessed With Myself are shot in a series. Even some of the videos are too!

Another bonus with is that you get daily updates. Hard to imagine these chicks actually send their shit in! Now you don’t need an ex-girlfriend that liked to take naked pics, you can have thousands of ex-girlfriends here!

G-Queen – They’re Back!

You might not know of No problem. They don’t know you yet either. Note I said yet, because you and G-Queen are going to want to get really familiar.

This is the ultimate site for anyone that enjoys these niches:

  1. Masturbation
    Girls Kissing
    Girls Masturbating Each Other
    Japanese Asians
    Shaved Pussy
    Asians w/ Shaved Pussy
    Japanese Schoolgirl Asians w/ Shaved Pussy

    Asians Girls Kissing and Rubbing Shaved Pussy
    Point of View Videos
    Point of View Videos of Guys Playing w/ Asian Girls
    and Their Shaved Pussies.
    Tight Pussy
    Tender Pussy
    Pink Pussy
    Wet Pussy
    Asians Wearing Those Funky One Piece Bathing Suits
    Asians Wearing Not So Funky Bikinis
    Barely Legal
    Asian Girls Kissing
    Japanese Schoolgirls Kissing After Class

I could go on but I think you can see the point already.

G-Queen is a true Asian site. It was created by Asians, for Asians. They broke out an English version solely because we have money and most of us like exotic things. This is about as exotic as it gets.

You won’t find this kind of content anywhere else. G-Queen seems to have cornered the market.

I won’t lie to you. Some of the girls on this site are butt-ugly. Butt-ass-ugly. They look like they stink like shit and their teeth are crooked as all fuck! All four of those skank ass bitches!

The remaining 60+ models are drop dead gorgeous. As in I’d fuck every last one of them 2x’s! Watching two of these toy doll looking barely legal Asian girls make out and play with each others pussy is the definition of cock-food. Your cock craves this kind of shit. Stop denying your cock the nutritious Japanese schoolgirl pussy it needs in order to maintain a healthy diet!

Not having a membership to G-Queen is tantamount to cock neglect and malnutrition. Don’t forget a Fleshlight. Japanese girls have insanely tight pussies. If you want to experience fucking one of them, but don’t want to fly to Japan, the Fleshlight is the next best thing!

Now go do the right thing!

G-Queen – Real Japanese!

Some of you may already be familiar with ALS (All Ladies Shaved) Scan. It is a web site completely devoted to women with shaved pussies. We are talking hotties! What you might not have known about is that there is a Japanese web site called G-Queen totally devoted to Japanese girls with shaved pussies.

If you are a fan of Japanese girls G-Queen is like heaven on Earth. One of the biggest differences with and its imitators is that is run by Japanese people. Clicking on the gallery above you get the English version of the site but Japanese version seen here is about as real as it gets.

So what goes on at G-Queen? Glad you asked… Think about everything you ever wanted to do with a girls pussy and that is what goes on at G-Queen. Ever thought about running a wet licorice  strand through the crease? How about a peeled banana? Or how about watching a girl pee?

It is all there at G-Queen. You won’t find this kind of quality anywhere else. No one can do Japanese like these people do Japanese!

Naughty Miko – Naughty Nurse

Naughty Nurse Costume
Naughty Miko the Naughty Nurse

Happy Halloween!

I know… Just saying it isn’t enough so I decided to show you what a happy Halloween looks like.

Naughty Miko above is our naughty nurse for a day. I am sure no one in the audience today will have a problem with receiving a sponge bath from a hot Asian nurse! I know I wouldn’t…

Miko is the poster child of hot Asian women. She is timeless. She has small but pert breasts. But unlike most Asian babes you are used to, Miko has a thick booty! An extra gift. A little something-something to hold on to while you fuck her.

One of Miko’s best traits is her shaven pussy. God damn if it isn’t the smoothest and sexiest beaver you ever laid your eyes on. And Miko isn’t affraid to show it off for the camera. Now that is my kind of Asian! updates on a weekly basis. Updates include both pics and a video. You can get some samples on the tour. Members get to talk to Miko on her message board and read her private journal. You also get access to all of her friends…. What? Yup… All 10 of them!

That is a Halloween bargain if I ever saw one. You had better take them up on the offer before it is gone!

Find More

Naughty Miko

Lily Koh just wants to have fun

I have to admit I love Asian girls. Not every Asian girl mind you, some of them are as fucking ugly as a mud fence. That said, many Asian babes are hot and they love to please. They don’t call them little brown fuck machines for no reason. You have to love any culture that teaches the girls to do whatever a man says.

Lily Koh might just be the perfect example of everything an Asian girl should be. She is hot, petite, has a rocking body and her pussy is so tight that it is like fucking a clenched fist.

Lily likes to play all innocent and sweet when she is trying on her sexy outfits or pulling down her little panties so she can finger her wet Asian pussy. But I have the feeling – if she got you alone in a room, she would suck you until your balls dried up!

Now, this super cute Asian hottie has her own website. She says that she just wants to have some fun before she starts college. Hey, if her idea of fun is getting naked, fingering her pussy until she cums and getting buck-nasty with other girls, then sign me up for that party! won’t fuck you around. She has very high rez pics and movies on her site so you will be sure to catch every drop of her love juice as it slides off of her bald pussy. Plus she updates all the time so you will be sure to be kept in the loop about all of her hot and wild exploits.

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Rookie Babe Mai

Rookie Babe Mai

Rookie… Are you like me? Do you prefer to buy albums from bands that can create a CD that you can play in its entirety in your car stereo? Rookie Babe!

No, I don’t have a fucking stutering problem smart ass! I am just letting you know about Rookie Babe. One of the only sites I let rebill because every girl on the site is an 8 to a 10. There are no ugly bitches here. None…

OK, so a particular girl might not be your "type." So what… At least you don’t have to look at a red headed step-child in a line up just before you Fleshlight your cock to death.

Maybe you don’t like Asians like Mai. Perhaps you don’t have a yearning for her small tits or her tight asian pussy. Maybe you are into large breasts and blondes. No problem, pal, Rookie Babe has girls of all types, latinas, ebony, European, Indian…. You name your type and they have several of them.

How can this be? Well, updates daily. Yes, I did say daily. Rookie Babe videos, photos, screen savers, wallpapers, E-cards, so much activity it will blow your fucking mind.

Rookie Babe will have your cock knock’in and your balls a’rockin. You will be wondering, "Why didn’t I see this site before? Why did I waste my money on other bitches? Why did I fall for daily updates in the past when the updates were 50% ugly as fuck bitches?"

Because douche bag, you didn’t bookmark Virgins19 or Rhino’s Girls and so you have no fucking clue about what you are doing. You have been letting your dickhead make the decisions.

NO MORE! Get your Rookie Babe pass and put your cock where it belongs, inside a Fleshlight. You can thank me later.

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