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As you know I get a chubby for candid photos featuring the girls next door. I have always had a thing for amateur girls. I don’t care much for Hollywood’s idea of what the ultimate girl should look like. Give me a girl with perky tits and I am happy even if they are small.

A buddy of mine tipped me off to a hot site for amateur nude selfies. The sweet thing about this place is that you can be enjoying it, get caught red handed by your significant other and then show her the gents side of the site to shut her up.

The site is called NSFW’ish. The "ish" part is attributed to the fact that most of the girls are naked, but some are just so fucking hot their nonnude photos make it onto the page.

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Pictures on are laid out like a gallery on the girls page with full sized pics available if you click on the representative thumbnails. Being that they are true amateurs the quality varies a lot, both in the quality of the subjects and the quality of the photography.

Updates come in throughout the week on NSFW’ish. With several hundred photos already in the system you have plenty enough jerkoff material to require a look. With the diversity of the girls I personally will be bookmarking this site and making it a starting point for future selfie pic expeditions. I suggest you do as well.

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Finding teen cam shows that are really free to watch with no login required is not as easy as it would seem. If you search Google for such things you often get results that are anything but free and the girls are all fully clothed.

Lately I have been enjoying truly free teen cams by using a revolutionary new site called MegaCams.ME. With one easy to use interface you can select from multiple sites with naked girls like those above. You can even sort the individual nude cams by their respective niches like 18+ or MILF.

The best part about this site is that to see teens on cam you don’t have to login or get a free account. You get to see the entire show most of the time and don’t even have to pay anything. Some of these girls do two hour shows!

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High school sports are great. Where else can you go to see teen girls wearing only their panties with plenty of upskirt views? These girls got caught in a drafty spot during a school faire. You have to wonder how many boys have nutted over these two as the cell phone pic got passed around at school.

Now that they have made their way to Teenie Cheerleaders they are worldwide. Whatever you previous number was multiply it by 10,000!

Get thousands of barely legal and total jailbait cheerleader pics. The jailbait are fully clothed, but the barely legal ones often are caught changing, using the potty, shower and more!

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What is it with girls making out these days? What used to be a once in a lifetime event has now become blasé. On any given Friday or Saturday night you can go into a club in the city and find some drunk horny girls kissing in a booth or on the dance floor. High school and college parties are littered with girls making out!

Not that I want any of this to stop mind you. I enjoy watching girls half my age making out. I just wish they were doing this sort of thing back when they were my age.


My kids (who are over the age of twenty-one) recently had a party at my house. Two sets of girls started kissing. The guys I invited are pulling out their cell phones and recording the show. The kids are all looking at us like we are dorks. I ask my kid what is up and he says girls do that so much these days they stopped paying attention to it. WTF?


Watching girls mack-down on each other is never going to get old with my generation. That I know for sure. At xPosing they have thousands of pictures of girls kissing sent in by members. Join a community of people that share your love for girls half your age. And remember, if she bleeds, she breeds!

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Before I write this post I would like to address the suicide of a fifteen year old girl from Canada. If you are unaware of what I am talking about you can tune into just about any talk radio station during the day or early evening to get the scoop.

This girl exposed herself at an illegal age on a chat cam site. The person she exposed herself to later went on to cyber-bully her and stalk her. He found out everything about her and posted her photo on her Facebook page while sending it to all of her friends. Why? Because she wouldn’t do a sex show for him!

At we keep things legal. This pedophile should be shot in my humble opinion, but since I don’t run this country I would be happy with him receiving the full extent of the law!

Why? Because over the past two years this man has followed her from school to school, as she transferred to new ones, telling her new schoolmates about the photo. Eventually it became too much for her to handle and she killed herself.

Not cool…

Folks, there is plenty of legal porn out there. Nobody needs to blackmail children into breaking the law. If you want to see young looking girls get a Premium GFs. All of the girls are legal and you won’t have the police knocking at your door.


Watch this legal video from Club Seventeen. Despite the name all of the girls are 18 years old or older. Girls like the blonde cutie above look nubile enough as it is. Watch her video and I am sure you will agree!

Club Seventeen has been open since 1996. They have a lot of perfectly legal porn there. They got their start as a magazine back in 1975 when topless photos of seventeen year old girls were legal in Europe. Since then things have changed so those were all destroyed.

They have plenty of girls that look younger than they are. Don’t go to jail over a 15 minute jerkoff session when you could be enjoying the girls at Club Seventeen!

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Here is a beautiful brunette 18 year old girl doing what all girls should do, spread their pussy in front of a mirror and taking a photo!

Look how amazing her body is with perfect young firm tits that are nice and big and a tight little bald pussy! Big tits, small pussy, the perfect girl.

Self shot porn has been getting more and more popular recently and I think it is my favorite type of porn as the girls are always smoking hot and know how to tease the camera.

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So I am strolling the beach the other day and I am inspecting the bikinis all of the girls are wearing when some girls dad jumps out in front of me and asks me, what my "fucking" problem is. Startled I ask him what problem do we have? He tells me that he doesn’t like me checking out his daughter while she is learning to surf. Hmm… Okay…

I really don’t get it. Do parents really think they can allow their daughters to wear skimpy bikinis and nobody is going to want to look? Besides, this dudes daughter was a freshman in college. She can take care of herself!

But this got me to thinking… Sites like the Bikini Inspector really are a better option for checking out hot babes in bikinis. First, off there aren’t any irate parents to give you a hard time. Second, half the time the girls send their pics in hoping to read what guys say about them. And finally, you can surf Bikini Inspector for far less than it would cost to make it to the beach!

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No… That isn’t my pin code… That is the order in which I’d fuck the hell out of these four fine ass babes.

#2 Gets it first. I am betting she likes blowing cock and my sperm would make for a nice palette cleansing shot.

#4 Comes in second because I like her bathing suit. No, seriously! Always wanted to play with a girls titties in a tube top!

#3 I imagine this girl would be a little fuck-box. Nice tight body. Athletic. Yeah… She could go all night long!

#1 Gets it last… Sorry, girl, but you need to lose some of that clothing if you want some of what papas got!

I could sit and ponder the order in which I’d like to fuck a group of girls for days on end. Not just because it is fun to do, but because xPosing has thousands of pics like the one above with young hotties just waiting to find out if they are hot or not!

This site started out as a forum with some kinky kind of point system. If you uploaded like 10 photos you could then download like 25 of somebodies else photos or some shit like that. That was all well and good back when the Internet was new, these days though, that really blows!

I don’t have time to explore the entire Internet looking for candid pics… Maybe you do, but I don’t! So xPosing opened their forum up to paid membership. Now I can pay the cash and get unlimited access to as many pics and videos as I want and so can you!

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Do you think these two girls know they are extremely hot? You bet your fucking ass they do! That’s why they are showing off their teenage bodies before old age sets in. Sorry, mom, sorry, dad, but your daughter isn’t wasting her final year of being a teenager with killer looks on turtleneck sweaters and long pants, mmmkay?

It is summertime and you should be at the river. For whatever reason you aren’t at the river, so it is time to bring the river to you with a membership to The Candid Board. Not only do you get daily updates of the hottest beach going babes from around the world, you also get upskirt videos, bikini videos, street candids, camel toe pics and vids, and a whole lot more!

The Candid Board started out as a online community where you had to upload your own unique stuff to get access to other peoples stuff. Then they decided to open it up to everyone for a small monthly fee. Now it is the largest community of its kind!

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Some guys are luckier than others. They have hot girlfriends with perky tits and braces sending them sexting pics. But it doesn’t have to be that way though… I mean certain guys don’t have to be luckier than others…

Obsessed With Myself has daily updates with hot babes and teens sending in their pics and guys sending in pics of their ex-girlfriends (or their current ones)!


Sure, some of the pics have problems like flash glare, but that is because this site uses real submitted pics, not some bullshit posed ones with Internet models.


Some pics aren’t in HD… They are often pretty grainy… Again, that is because they are REAL TEENS!


So get your own membership to Obsessed With Myself and enjoy the real teens taking real photos of their hot selves!

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Don’t hate on her because she looks younger than your daughter. She can’t help it. Honestly, you think she likes getting carded everywhere she goes? It does get old after a while!

Teenie Beach Gfs finds young looking hotties like these and does so on a daily basis. When they aren’t finding them, the hotties are coming to them first!

With over 1,000,000 pics and videos in the members area you could say this site is huge. With five bonus sites you could say this network is the bomb! With thousands of barely legal teens like the one above you could say this is nirvana!

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Do you ever think to yourself, "Gosh, it’d be real swell to be able to get back to those days when I used to throw dorm parties and have chicks like this sleeping in my closet." Or…


…think shit, chicks like this used to sit across the table from me and blow smoke rings while trying to seduce me into thoughts of having her warm, soft lips wrapped around my swollen cock!


Shit, even the female coed seniors were preying on the younger class women! Remember having to fight them off? Fucking cock blockers! Wouldn’t have been so bad had they allowed you to videotape their lesbian sex-capades!

Well, these days you are in luck because Real GFs Exposed has the video from those lesbian adventures and more pics than you can shake a stick at!

They have everything from the barely legal freshman to the smoking hawt, stacked upper class women. Nothing is too taboo when you are in college and with Real GFs Exposed you get to be privy to all of it!

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Out here in California we used to have an FM talk station called 97.1FM. On it there was a radio show host called Tom Lykis. This guys was hilarious and he ran a class called Lykis 101. The class taught you how to get chicks to do what you want and how to keep a stable of them for little or no money!

But this post isn’t about his class, it is about what he used to call Flash Fridays. Southern California is loaded with freeways and he encouraged women to flash their boobs on air to guys with their headlights on during the daytime. At the time I traveled the freeways heavily and had been flashed by female listeners on many occasions.

Those days are gone now since the station switched to pop music. But the flashing doesn’t have to end! At Watch My GF they have literally tens of thousands of girls flashing their tits at you!

Not only are the ladies of Watch My GF flashing their tits, they are flashing everything else including their beavers. The site consists of user submitted content and often the girls are the ones sending in their stuff. Kinky bitches! I love it!

Along with the candid pics, self shot flashing tits pics and the like, are candid videos, amateur web cam videos and more. Couples send in their homemade sex tapes all the time and so do girls that want to masturbate for the world. Again, crazy, kinky bitches!

I have to tell you, this whole Internet thing is fucking awesome! Somebody needs to buy the creator of the web cam and the cell phone camera a round of beer!