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They say that you should never lick a gift horse in a mouth. By lick they don’t mean trading spit with a horse. That would be sick and disgusting. No, they are referring to punching a gift horse in the mouth. When you have a girl offering to add to your spank bank, give her thanks. That has been my motto for decades and it still works to this day.

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Just the other day one of my daughter’s friends was over and she has had a thing for me for many years. She is old enough to drink legally now so when she lingered in the kitchen with me long enough for me to realize she had something on her mind I asked her what was up.

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As you know I get a chubby for candid photos featuring the girls next door. I have always had a thing for amateur girls. I don’t care much for Hollywood’s idea of what the ultimate girl should look like. Give me a girl with perky tits and I am happy even if they are small.

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Pictures on NSFWish.com are laid out like a gallery on the girls page with full sized pics available if you click on the representative thumbnails. Being that they are true amateurs the quality varies a lot, both in the quality of the subjects and the quality of the photography.

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After rereading that title again I am wondering if the context is right. I have the panty fetish, my buddy had the sister.

His sister was a few years older than we were abs she was hot. Our school had about 2,000 students and she was in the top five. I used to jerk off into her worn panties I found in the clothes hamper in the bathroom. She wore lots of sexy panties including thongs.

Being older than we were she got to go to the best parties. Her parents were pretty relaxed when it came to drinking. So long as she wasn’t driving age could drink. I thought this was awesome because it meant my buddy and I would be able to drink as well when I stayed at his house.

Sometimes his sister would come home pretty blitzed. One night she got home and I could hear her stumbling up the stairs. My buddy’s parents weren’t coming home that night. They were staying at a friend’s house. They didn’t drink and drive. Nice!

When I didn’t hear his sister make it to her room I genuinely became concerned. My buddy was sleeping pretty heavy so I crept out of bed to check on his sis.

She was leaving up against the railing at the top of the stairs. It was a good thing I checked on her because she could have tumbled down the stairs if she leaned over in her sleep.

I shook her, but she didn’t wake up, so I started patting her on the face progressively harder until she came to. She opened an eye and told me to get lost. She was mumbling, but I think I heard her refer to me as loser.

What a skank.

I slapped her some more and when she woke up again I told her that get parents were coming home do she needed to go to bed as I made an effort to lift her up. She opened her eyes again and looked around. Once she realized she was sitting on the stairs she motioned for me to help her stand up and we bounced around down the hallway to get room.

Once in there she looked at me and said bye to me dismissively before stumbling to her bed and passing out on it. By now her skirt had hiked its way up her legs and hips far enough that I could see her beautiful ass in full view of the moonlight coming in her window. It was remarkably sexy. She had very firm adds cheeks that were framed nicer by her thong panties.

Not wanting this beautiful sight to go to waste I crept to my buddy’s bedroom door to make sure he was sleeping. Sure enough he was. I crept back into his sister’s room and turned on a low powered light on her desk. It illuminated her beautiful ass even better. So much so that I could see the section of her panties that were covering her pussy. They were slightly see through so I could make out her cleft of Venus. It was superb!

Seeing so much of her sent me into an animalistic state. I wanted more!

I crept to get door and listened for her brother’s snoring. Once I confirmed he was out I crept back over to the skank that had called me a loser only minutes before. Between my animal instincts and her dismissive attitude a perfect storm was brewing inside me.

I scanned her room and found her panty drawer. Inside I found some very kinky crotchless panties with a whistle sewn into the front. WTF? After rummaging around for a while I selected a pair of yellow cotton panties. They had a print of little orange chicks on them and the hems had some frilly thin lace sewn in. They appeared to be a little too small to fit her. I figured they must have been her favorite pair from a few years ago. Now they would be my favorite pair too.

As I walked back to her bed I undid the button on the front of my pajama pants so I could pull my massive hardon out. It gave me a look like, “it’s about fucking time!”

Slowly I lowered myself onto her bed so that I was laying sideways behind her. As she slept I massaged her soft cotton panties into my cock. Every minute or so I moved in a little closer. Soon my face was only a few inches from her pussy. I could see that she had shaved it on the bottom and that a few wisps of hair crested over the mons. I wanted to lick her pussy so bad. My mouth was watering so much I actually drooled onto her outstretched leg!

While the drool was an accident it was a perfect test for how sensitive she was to touch in her passed out state. It told me that the sky was pretty much the limit with her tonight.

By now my cock was leaking massive amounts of precum into her favorite panties. I rubbed the soaked section over my glands reveling in how good it felt while attributing it to how soft her pussy must be.

Without realizing I was doing it I reached out my free hand and slipped a finger into the hem of her panties. After pausing for a reaction from her and receiving none I pulled them over to the other side. There it was. Her naked pussy. She had very small inner lips so all there really was to see was a fold of skin. I need more.I wanted to see her pink flesh!

Using the index finger I already had holding her panties and my middle finger I slowly parted her pussy lips. As her pussy opened up more and more pink flesh came into view. It was wet. It was glistening. I wanted to touch it and feel how soft it was, but I was too much of a rookie to have used my ring finger to open her pussy up, thereby leaving my middle finger free to plunge inside her.

Slowly I released my fingers from her pussy lips and then repositioned the correct ones for the job at hand. Again I posted her outer pussy lips to get a look inside. My cock was throbbing telling me to jamb my finger into her gaping pussy. Luckily I had enough sense still to continue to take it slow.

Just then my buddies sister stirred. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I was lying there with my cock wrapped in her panties and two of my fingers holding her pussy open. What was I going to do if she whipped around and saw me? I didn’t have to answer that, thank God. She was just hiking her leg up even further than it already was. This gave me an even better view of her!

I had to steady my nerves again. Half of me wanted to continue probing her vagina and the other wanted to be still and take stock of the situation. They compromised on a one minute cease fire on forward operations while threat levels were being assessed.

Once the minute was up the center of her being was again the sole focus of scouting operations. Just as my finger made contact with her vagina I noticed out of the corner of my eye (by now my face was about two inches from her pussy hole) that her little clit was poking out. While I wanted to touch it as well I knew it was way too sensitive and continued pressing my finger deeper into her vaginal canal.

At this point my balls were so painful it felt like somebody had kicked me square in the nuts. They were screaming for me to cum.

My finger was about three inches inside the vagina of my best friend’s sister. It was moist. It was hot. It was very soft. Like when somebody sucks on your finger. My cock imported all of those readings and felt as if it was feeling those same sensations first hand. Without realizing it was going to happen my cum exploded into those yellow panties. It did so with such force it actually made thwack noises after each burst.

It took so long to finish cumming that I lost track of time for a split second. My eyes were closed. I opened them. My finger was three inches inside a passed out girls vagina. Two more fingers were holding her pussy lips open. One finger was holding her panties to the side. My other hand was milking the last drops of cum from my cock and depositing them in her favorite panties that were two sizes too small for her to wear. Just a minute ago this all seemed like a dream. Now it felt more like a rape charge, or counseling for sexual deviants in the least.

Slowly I removed my finger from get pussy. Once out I relaxed my fingers holding her pussy open. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I felt as though her brother was going to bust into her room wondering what I was doing to his sister at any minute. Quickly I removed my index finger from the opening of her panty leg. They didn’t snap all the way back to completely cover her, but I thought that was fitting. Served her right for being a stuck up bitch.

Next I slowly rose up from her bed and tucked my boner back into my pajamas. I contemplated what to do with her panties. They were loaded with my cum. When they died I knew they would be a crusty mess. She would know somebody came in them for sure. I would have to take them with me and dispose of them later. Hopefully she wouldn’t miss them.

After making it back to get brother’s room I put her panties into one of my dirty socks in my overnight bag.

I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t get his sister out of my mind. I retrieved her panties and went to the bathroom with them. Before I knew it I was jerking off with them wrapped around my cock again. They slid over my skin softly with all of the cum that had soaked into them. They felt just like her pussy.

I brought my middle finger to my nose and inhaled her scent. It was a mixture of pee and a musky scent that must have been her pussy juices. How did I get so close and not get a taste? Would I ever get that kind of chance again? Only time would tell.

Once again my nuts were tighter than a twisted up rubber band. I ejaculated into my new favorite panties. By the time I was done they were so wet they were dripping. I wrapped them into a towel from the clothes hamper and mashed it so my cum would squeeze out. At least they were a little less wet than before.

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