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Alicia is one of those mixed up, fucked up, hot-as-all-fuck teens that doesn’t understand why guys keep looking at her "that" way. Gee I don’t know Alicia… maybe it is that you are fucking hot because you don’t know you are hot?


Sorry, I really shouldn’t get all flustered. After all, beauty is divine and through its divination it is supposed to calm you down, not cause you to burst a vein in your neck.

It takes a hot teen with curves like Alicia to properly fill out a fishnet dress like she is wearing. Otherwise it is like… FUCK! What is the point? Who wants to see get teased by a tooth pick? Can you even be teased by a tooth pick?

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Emily 18 Flashing Her Small Tits


Throughout the years I have reviewed many solo model sites with girls that are barely legal, but none of them have matched when it comes to staying young year after year.

When you join Emily 18‘s site you get access to her archives and if you think Emily looks barely legal at age 21 above wait until you see what she looked like just days after her birthday. We are talking total jailbait!

Look at her left nipple (on the right side of the photo) and notice the slight puffiness. Even at 21 years old Emily’s boobies were still growing.

You can talk to Emily in her private forum and enjoy three updates a week. All you have to do is take the plunge!