Francesca Dani – Cosplay

Cherry Red Cosplay

No need to adjust your monitor… she is really red hot!

That sexy little Cherry Red teen is named Francesca Dani. As you can see she takes the cosplay thing a little far… notice, I didn’t say too far… No one here is complaining! After all, one of the most natural things girls do is play dress up.

For those of you who dont’ know what cosplay is, cosplay is a conjunction of the words costume play. It all started back in 1984 and mostly centered around dressing up like characters from manga, anime, tokusatsu and video games. Now it includes characters in everything from Hollywood blockbuster hits such as The Matrix to lesser known, but better, movies like Fifth Element.

This girl takes cosplay to the far reaches of the world including dressing up as a Playboy Bunny (my favorite). No matter whether you are into the hole cosplay thing or not, looking at a hot chick in what amounts to a sexy holloween costume is par for the course when you are jacking off at 3am. Francesca Dani starts out in a skimpy too-cute outfit and then strips it off to show you what is underneath. Just looking up this girls skirt at her frilly panties is enough to give you a mild heart attack.

At you can engage this hottie in her members forum, read her personal blog and masturbate to the large collection of her cosplay galleries and videos that are available to download. Members also get to see her friends. At only $16.99 this website is a steal of a deal!

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Cynthia Sin – Beaver Shots

Cynthia Sin
Many moons ago, when I was a young buck and the term, “Bro’s before Ho’s,” wasn’t coined yet, I fucked a bro over… badly… But at the same time I also fucked his girlfriend… in a good way!

Now I know I cannot justify my actions no matter what I have to say about the situation so I am not going to try and justify it. But I will tell you about the sinful bitch that tore two bro’s apart forever… well, actually we faught about it for like two months…. which is forever when you are young, dumb and full of cum.

Like Cynthia Sin above, Nikki was a devil in disguise. She had a short skirt like Cynthia’s above. No bra. I tried not to notice but what can you do?

We were at a party and Nikki was talking to a friend who was passing out on the couch. She knelt down next to her on the floor giving me an excellent shot of her pantied beaver. My boner went half-mast before I even had time to think and right as it went up, Nikki looked up at it! Talk about your embarrassing moments…

She smiled a big smile and sat down indian-style. Now I had a spread eagle view of her panties. My dick instantly went full chubby and I had to B-line it for the restroom.

Once in the restroom I began kicking myself. Holy-shit, moron! Now she is going to think you are masturbating. Before I could think about anything else there was a knock at the door. It was Nikki and she wanted in! I opened it and she came in and locked the door behind her.

Nikki apparently wasn’t very shy… she was sucking my cock and fingering my balls before I could even say, “Hello!” It is hard to think about your best friend and his interests when his girlfriend is doing a fine job of deep throating your hardon. Trust me, I tried and failed miserably!

Mid-way through the improptu blowjob she asked me if I had a condom. I pulled it out of my pocket and she wrapped it on my cock like she had plenty of experience. Nikki got on the counter and pulled me into her. We get a good rythme going and the next thing I know there is another knock on the door. It was her boyfriend!

Lucky for me the party was full of friends who took him out to the backyard to cool off. Sure I cannot justify it but would you have done anything different? I doubt it! is the place I go when I want to fantasize about the good times Nikki and I had (I ended up dating her for a few months). Cynthia is one half naughty and one half nice. A perfect combination for an Internet model. Why? Because it means she can get into twice the trouble and bring you along for the ride.

You get high-def videos of this brunette vixen and her natural tits. Each week she puts on something tasty and often has themed photo shoots. Sometimes she is a schoolgirl and others she is a dominatrix. Cynthia Sin covers so many different niches it is hard to put a label on her. One thing is for sure though, it is easy to put something hard inside her!

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