Pure 18 Riley

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Now normally I don’t do this, but I think I will break you off a little preview of Pure18.com. You all know I don’t mind showing a website that is brand new, but I don’t normally do hardcore sites. This one is different.

First off, this site is done by the Reality Kings. These guys churn out some of the best hardcore porn imaginable. They are the guys behind websites that turn slang into household words. One such word is MILF. These guys made the website MILF Hunter. That site made MILF into a household word over night. Good job, guys!

They also run We Live Together. That site is the defacto standard in reality lesbian porn. There are no ifs, ands or buts… that is just how it is and how it is gonna stay because these guys are on top of their shit.

So when they decided to make a teen site I got with a friend of mine from their crew. We had a chat for a bit about it and I came away from that chat feeling pretty good about being able to promote another sure-fire winner here at 8Teen.in!

Now those boys over at Reality Kings had a kickass idea about 5 or 6 years ago. They decided that if you buy one website that they created, they should give you access to all of the sites that they have ever created. It is an idea that spawned an empire. Their network now has over 20 websites in it and all of them are kickass!

Each site, including Pure 18, gets updated on a weekly basis with a new episode. Each episode has both a pictures version and a video version. Right now I am looking at the episode for Riley in Pure 18.

They break the videos down nicely. You have a choice of 1 minute clips, 3 longer clips or the entire movie. You can stream it online or download it to your own computer. Riley and her star print panties are going to knock your ass out. The pictures are viewable online, offered as a download and come in screen caps from the video.

The navigation is brain dead easy. Site hopping is just a click of the mouse. Perhaps tomorrow you don’t want teens and instead want Latinas. No problem, just two clicks of the mouse and you are in 8th Street Latinas… whacking your monkey to Jenae and Thea.

Getting your Pure18.com password is basically a no brainer. You get more porn then you could ever dream of viewing in three months. You get updates to all of the websites for one low price…. what are you waiting for? I’ll tell ya what, if the $25 a month is a bit much for you to sample the warez, you can do the 3 day trial for $4.95 and get a feel for what you have been missing!

Stop delaying and start getting what you want when you want it!

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Little Summer Teens Kissing

Teen Sex Teen Sex Little Summer
Blonde Teen Summer Little Summer

Little Summer makes being a teenage girl look so darn fun! In this gallery with her blonde friend she seems to enjoy licking pussy just as much as we do. Perhaps even more so!

This blonde knock-out has had her website open for over a year now so it is loaded with barely legal teen content. She updates twice a week with new photos and videos so there is plenty to look at.

The photography is out of this world. When you mix that level of quality with her young looks it is simply amazing. Her website does a great job of capturing her youth.

As a member of LittleSummer.com you get to watch Summer masturbate with her fingers and toys. She enjoys kissing her girlfriends too. They finger each others little hairless pussies and lick each others nipples. Sex is new to them so things can seem a bit quirky in the first sets but this year they are really letting their inhibitions go!

Your Little Summer password also gets you access to her live webcam shows. Plus – she has been experimenting with POV video so you really get a sense that you are there with her. It is out of this world!

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Teen Topanga Ready For Bed

Naked teen in bed Getting Ready for Bed Naked teen in bed
Teen Topanga Naked teen in bed Getting Ready for Bed
Teen Topanga Getting Ready for Bed Teen Topanga

She might be 18 years old but that won’t stop Teen Topanga from requesting a little tuck in time and some snuggling from her favorite man in the whole wide world, you!

Each week your password to TeenTopanga.com gets you picture and video updates that cronical the life of Topanga, Southern California’s sweetest solo model.

Her small boobs and firm butt look so darn cute in those schoolgirl uniforms she favors wearing. Watch as she explores her young body to the fullest and occasionally explores the teen bodies of her girlfriends from school as well.

I can’t blaim this girl for touching herself. If I had a body like hers I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off it either!

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Little Lupe and the Happy Man

Little Lupe Happy Man Little Lupe
Latina Teen Happy Man Latina Teen
Little Lupe Happy Man  

When it comes to barely legal girls, Little Lupe takes the cake. This girl got her start in Spain as a pornstar at the ripe and tender age of 8-Teen. Obviously she became an instant hit with the local population and it became impossible to contain her stardom.

Lupe and her boyfriend, the happy man in the photos, got with famed porn photographer Aaron Mathews and the rest is history. Now we all have a place we can go to forget about work, life, whatever you want to forget about… LittleLupe.com is your own personal paradise!

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Latin Teen Pass Gianna

Latin Teen Pass Gianna

There are a lot of reasons why I would go to Latin America. None of them revolve around coffee beans.

All of them can pretty much be summed up in the photograph above. Tan skin, striking face, thick ass, soccer legs and sexy brown eyes.

Ooops… I almost forgot, brown eyes aren’t supposed to be sexy… Sshhh, don’t tell that to Gianna, we don’t want to spoil her fun!

My last post was on a Latin teen… I don’t normally come back to the topic I just posted about… But fuck! I am sitting there in my skivies (to much information?) and using my Latin Teen Pass and dammit if they don’t have a ton of hot Latinas on there sites.

Sites? Yeah, you get them all in one fucking pass. I will be honest… I think every porn producer should just give you their network for the price of one, but at LatinTeenPass.com I almost feel dirty because I feel like I am robbing them blind!

We are talking about a combined total of 11 updates a week. That is a lot of pussy any way you cut it, man! Plus I was reading on the webmaster boards that they are looking into opening two more solo model sites and adding them to the pass too!

Can you say "loco?"

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