Little Lupe


This video from Little Lupe reminds me of a great time from my past. I was dating a girl and we both hadn’t had sex yet. We did experiment here and there, but pretty much it was just fingers doing the walking and even then it seemed we couldn’t please each other right.

Then an older girl from down the street caught us kissing and petting behind some bushes and she agreed not to tell anyone about us if we showed her what we were doing. Read more

Aston Richards


Most guys tried spying on some chick when they were growing up. Whether it was their sister, their buddies sister or some other hot chick, we all tried it at some point and some of us tried it to great success.

Aston Richards looks like that out of your league sister of your buddy. She has small, yet perky breasts, a petite frame and a face cute enough to deliver a knock out punch to any man’s heart!


That could be why I chose her for today’s update. Watching her put on makeup brings back so many great memories of watching girls that didn’t know they were being watched!

Ashton updates her site several times a week and all of the videos are shot in HD. She keeps a blog of her personal life to connect with her members. Plus, when you become a member of you also get access to her teen friends like I’m Isabel and Lindy Lopez!

Grab a pass and start watching her now!

Emma Mae Singing Lady Gaga Telephone

Emma Mae sings lady Gaga’s “Telephone” With Her GirlFriends - Emma Mae Blog

Part of being a teenage porn star is being light hearted and able to laugh at yourself. Emma Mae has no problem getting kookie with her friends both on and off the camera!

The video above of Emma Mae singing Lady Gaga’s Telephone was recently uploaded to Youtube. She dances around, sings and basically acts like a true teen would because she is a teen at nineteen years old!

You can read more about her on the Emma Mae Blog and even watch videos of her sexual performances! Plus, if you have a twitter account you can get up to date info on where and when she will be performing next! [Emma Mae Twitter]