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I love it when a hot cam girl can’t help herself and she has to get naughty on webcam. This cheeky Indian spinner I was just having a live chat with was such a spunky slut. She was only 18 years old but she seemed to have a wealth of experience when it came to turning a guy on. She was telling me how her moist lips would love to be wrapped around my cock, she said she was get it rock hard and only when she was ready she’d let it inside her tight teen pussy.

Now she certainly wasn’t wrong I was rock hard. I was also keen to get things progressing and eventually she wouldn’t be able to refuse an offer of live webcam sex! To tell you the truth though I’m not sure who’s going to give in first. If she keeps on teasing me the way she has been I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold out until she’s ready to got for it hardcore!

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I just had an odd thought. I am running this blog on an Indian domain name and guess what: I don’t have many Indian girls on it. Not that I am saying this will be a fundamental change or anything, but for today it is time to tell you about a little cutie named IndianPalm.

She is one of the many thousands of free teen camgirls you can watch on Unlike other supposedly free teen cam sites this one actually has free teen cams. You don’t need to spend money to join because it really is free.

IndianPalm is a reserved girl that is finally breaking out of her shell. She can definitely use some help though. Do you have what it takes to crack it?

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Kamilla 18


One of my favorite 18 year old girls is Kamilla 18. She is fresh faced and very down to Earth. A shining example of what a girl next door should be. Great looking, but totally approachable.

Kamilla spends a lot of time in cotton print panties. She looks natural in them. Some girls that are in their twenties try putting them on thinking they can lure guys into barely legal girls, but it just doesn’t look natural. Kamilla 18 is all about being natural.


Along with her cotton print panties Kamilla has some very perky young tits. Put them together and you have to ask yourself if she is a freshman in college or in high school. The answer? Wouldn’t you like to know!


Instead of putting on thong underwear Kamilla does what most girls do at her age, she pulls her panties up inside her ass cheeks! I certainly wouldn’t kick her out of bed for doing it!


I just had to include this picture from Kamilla’s web site. Yeah, she humps the couch in this video. A girlfriend of mine once copped to having done this before. I dared her to show me her technique and she did! That was awesome, but with Kamilla 18 I can watch it over and over again, and so can you! gives access to her friends sites as well. She also has a lot of her friends join her on her site for girl on girl action. You get access to Ivana Fukalot, 18 Only Girls, Virgin Off, Sasha Blonde and many more!

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If only there were more girls in the world like Rakhee. Everyone and their mother wants to get rich off the Internet and everyone and their mother is opening a solo model site to try and do so. But not everyone in the world is beautiful. Rakhee’s World is home to one of the hottest models in the world. Certainly the hottest Indian model the world has ever seen.

Recently Rakhee caved into her fans requests and went topless. Keep asking and we just might get to see all of this Indian Goddess!

Not only is Rakhee hot but the photographer actually takes his job seriously. He knows lighting, color coordination and how to bring out the best in his models. This site is more than just porn, it is art! Click the tour link and check out the level of detail and contrast. This is a level of photography usually associated with the likes of Playboy. is updated on a weekly basis. Everything is exclusive so you cannot see this girls beauty anywhere else. You also get access to her message board to interact with her on a more personal level.

Are you ready to take your appreciation of the female form to a whole new level?

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Rakhee’s World

Rakhees World

Rakhees World Indian Goddess

If you have spent anytime on my teen blog then you should know by now, I enjoy beauty. Rakhee is a friggin Indian Goddess of Beauty!

Personally I am not usually into Indian girls or Asian Girls. I am not really sure why. But there have been the exceptions to the rule and Rakhee is one of them. I’d be so fucking honered to take her home to mom and pop!

Her website, just got a new face lift and additional upgrades like her new forum. Traditionally the Indian culture is all about pleasentries and service. Now you can give her your pleasentries and she can better service your needs. It is a win-win!

Rakhees World is updated weekly and if you didn’t notice just by looking at the picture from her free Rakhees World Gallery above, this chick is gorgeous and the photography is a work of art.

This isn’t your grandaddy’s porn there, son!

If you have never experienced the beauty that Indian girls hold dear, then you definately need to get into the only Indain teens website I have ever joined!

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