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You might not know of G-Queen.com. No problem. They don’t know you yet either. Note I said yet, because you and G-Queen are going to want to get really familiar.

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I could go on but I think you can see the point already.

G-Queen is a true Asian site. It was created by Asians, for Asians. They broke out an English version solely because we have money and most of us like exotic things. This is about as exotic as it gets.

You won’t find this kind of content anywhere else. G-Queen seems to have cornered the market.

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Teen Lola 18 – Schoolgirl


Why Teen Lola 18? Well, I needed a schoolgirl. The blog deals with teens having small tits. If I saw her in a bar I would single her out as most likely to fuck on the first date. Are those good enough reasons?

Where to start? Lets start on the fuck on the first date part since it is already fresh in your mind. Warning: Do not click on her web sites name TeenLola18.com unless you have your computers sound level set to low. Once you do click on her sites name you will see what I mean by fucking on the first date. Teen Lola wastes no time getting down to the business of sex.

Lola started her porn site with the idea of making some money on the side. I think it is safe to say this girl is going to attract quite a following of fans. She has some notable barely legal qualities like her extremely small tits. Are they even A cups? I am not knocking her here, I am just asking! She also has a wonderfully shaved, tight pussy.

The site is updated twice a week with new pictures and a video. Guests models drop in and members have various perks like wallpapers featuring Teen Lola 18.

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Teens From Tokyo – Cosplay


Ohh the open mouthed Asian teen. A sight to behold. This one is into a thing called Cosplay. That is where Teens From Tokyo dress up in costumes from anime/menga titles like Sailor Moon. I am not sure what character this little hottie is portraying but I wouldn’t let that stop me from giving her some cock.

Most Cosplay sites are only about the costumes and that is about it. Well, also about the hot teens wearing them too. The Teens From Tokyo take it to a whole nother level. Not only are they dressed up in some stylishly hot uniforms, but they also have sex! Hardcore, unadulterated sex.

Lots of guys have a thing for Asian teens. Particularly Japanese schoolgirls. This is all that and more. No matter what these girls are dressed up in, they are always cute. So cute you just want to gobble them up.

The tour has a lot of movie samples. Another first for Cosplay sites. Like most Asian girls, the girls at TeensFromTokyo.com don’t mind getting kinky. Taboo, bukkake style kinky. Cum swapping, cum swallowing and sticky facials style kinky. All while wearing Cosplay costumes. Fucking hot!

What really sets this site apart from other Asian sites is the quality. The bright costumes almost give the site an artsy feel. Perfect given it is rooted in Cosplay.

Never before has an Asian teen site been put together like Teens From Tokyo. I searched long and hard looking for any Cosplay sites and when I found this one I knew I hit something big. Just about every Asian niche is covered!

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Sweet Monika – Schoolgirl Teen

Sweet Monika

Talk about your own little slice of heaven! Sweet Monika makes one hell of a sweet teen schoolgirl.

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This schoolgirl has a sexy little beaver too. Short, cropped pussy hair on top and a nice smooth shaved pussy on the bottom. Her pussy hole looks so damn tight!

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