Sweet Monika – Schoolgirl Teen

Sweet Monika

Talk about your own little slice of heaven! Sweet Monika makes one hell of a sweet teen schoolgirl.

Sure she is new, but she already has over 100 photo sets and 30 DVD quality videos for your viewing enjoyment. And enjoy her you will!

Monika is one of those lucky brunettes. That kind of girl that are born with a rocking body, can eat potato chips and still look like she just gratuated high school. Monika’s legs are long and strong. I would love to be there when she is working them out. Who wouldn’t? And, not only is Monika’s face cute, that lip gloss makes her lips look ohh-soo-hot!

This schoolgirl has a sexy little beaver too. Short, cropped pussy hair on top and a nice smooth shaved pussy on the bottom. Her pussy hole looks so damn tight!

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