Gigi Spice and Friend


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Super Clean Pussy!


Here is a true account of what happened when I began to wonder about a girl I was dating back in my school days…

I will call this girl Ariel Rebel here just to make it easier and to protect the identity of the girl I was actually dating. We met in our senior year. By the time we had met we had both been sexually active with a few other people before being so with each other.

When I went down on this girl I noticed she didn’t have any pussy smell or taste. Some chicks I’ve dated had a little bit of smegma on their clit which is very tangy or some fishy smell in the vagina. As a kid I just chalked this up to the cost of doing business… But not this girl!

This girl had no smell, no taste and she was a pleasure to eat out! I used to lick her pussy for hours on end and never got tired of it. She didn’t mind the extended tongue lashing either. Every once in a while she would comment that guys seemed to like going down on her and that she didn’t understand why. She said that it was like they were getting something special down there or something.

So I let Ariel know why… She was puzzled. She swore she didn’t do anything different than any of her friends did. We both attributed it to good genetics.

Then one day while her parents were away she wanted to take a bath with me. While we were soaping each other up she was stroking my hard cock and commented that if she had one she’d stroke it everyday. That she could see why guys do that all of the time. Then she asked me if I would stroke it for her?

I was a little embarrassed at the idea. I had never done anything like that in front of somebody before and up until then I had a strict policy when it came to others knowing I did it: deny, deny deny!

Ariel said she would show me how she masturbates too and that it would be fun. She could tell the idea was appealing to me because my cock grew extra hard in her hand.

She told me to give her my hand and I did as asked. Ariel placed it around my cock and started stroking it up and down the shaft. It felt damn good. I looked at her pussy and imagined my cock working it’s way up inside her.

Then Ariel let go and I kept stroking while she positioned herself on the side of the tub. I had a full, spread eagle view of her beautiful pussy lips. They were super pink and super filled with blood. Her hard clit was poking out from underneath it’s hood.

Ariel grabbed the shower massager and switched the bath waters flow over to it. To my utter amazement Ariel turned the jet of water towards her pussy and began to masturbate with the shower massager!

Watching her masturbate sent me into a masturbation frenzy. I was beating my cock furiously wanting to cum along with her. It didn’t take time for Ariel’s eyes to close as her breathing increased. I could tell she was just about to orgasm. My cock was getting close to exploding too!

Just before she came she opened her eyes to catch one more glimpse of me jerking my cock. Right on cue I shot my load up into the air. Globs of cum spurted out of my cock landing on the bottom of the tub and rolling towards the drain. She grinned and let her own orgasm go!

After that bath we masturbated for each other on several other occasions. I asked her once how often she used the water on her pussy and she told me it was her favorite way of mastur-bating. Ariel Rebel told me she usually masturbated when woke up and showered for school.

This explained why Ariel’s pussy was so fresh! While other girls were "stewing in their juices" all night and going to school un-clean, Ariel cleansed her vagina every day before school by masturbating with the shower massager!

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Bailey’s Room – Flirty Girl


Have you ever noticed how teen girls do this kind of shit? They dress provocatively, flash you their panties, then swear they aren’t doing it on purpose and expect you to be a gentleman. Well, sweetie, I can be a gentleman… Gently touching your pussy lips with my tongue!

Bailey looks like one of those teenagers with a tasty pussy. One that doesn’t smell and tastes like nothing you can really pin down. A good taste. Not too sweet. Not bitter at all. No sour, no salt. Just creamy goodness!


Yeah, yeah, yeah…

We’ve all heard it before, Bailey. You didn’t even notice your dress had ridden up, or that your panties got sucked into the folds of your delicious pussy. Yeah… It happens all of the time.


Oh, that?

Yeah, Bailey has a delicious ass too!

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