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A few friends of mine and I got together at our local watering hole and the topic of web cam girls came up. One of my friends was telling me that the biggest problem with them is that they are all dogs. Ugly chicks with no hope of getting married whoring themselves on web cams for money.

I was flabbergasted. What web cam sites was this guy fre-quenting? I go to a place called Cam Jog and while there are plenty of dogs, I don’t think anybody in their right mind would refer to PrettyGirl000 as a dog!

After several more of my friends chimed in about finding the same problems with the cam sites they were not enjoying I whipped out my cell phone and loaded up

Right away they were tripping on how cute the girls were. When there were dogs they basically said those girls looked like the hottest girls from their own sites. I just laughed.

If you don’t like looking at ugly girls I suggest you ask for more from your web cam solution. Pretty Girl Triple-Zero is just as hot down below as she appears in her photo above. She has nice perky boobs. She has a shaved pussy that look nubile. I only wish I had found her two years ago when she was a barely legal cam girl!

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Before I write this post I would like to address the suicide of a fifteen year old girl from Canada. If you are unaware of what I am talking about you can tune into just about any talk radio station during the day or early evening to get the scoop.

This girl exposed herself at an illegal age on a chat cam site. The person she exposed herself to later went on to cyber-bully her and stalk her. He found out everything about her and posted her photo on her Facebook page while sending it to all of her friends. Why? Because she wouldn’t do a sex show for him!

At we keep things legal. This pedophile should be shot in my humble opinion, but since I don’t run this country I would be happy with him receiving the full extent of the law!

Why? Because over the past two years this man has followed her from school to school, as she transferred to new ones, telling her new schoolmates about the photo. Eventually it became too much for her to handle and she killed herself.

Not cool…

Folks, there is plenty of legal porn out there. Nobody needs to blackmail children into breaking the law. If you want to see young looking girls get a Premium GFs. All of the girls are legal and you won’t have the police knocking at your door.


Watch this legal video from Club Seventeen. Despite the name all of the girls are 18 years old or older. Girls like the blonde cutie above look nubile enough as it is. Watch her video and I am sure you will agree!

Club Seventeen has been open since 1996. They have a lot of perfectly legal porn there. They got their start as a magazine back in 1975 when topless photos of seventeen year old girls were legal in Europe. Since then things have changed so those were all destroyed.

They have plenty of girls that look younger than they are. Don’t go to jail over a 15 minute jerkoff session when you could be enjoying the girls at Club Seventeen!

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What a bummer. You are all alone. Sammy 18 is all alone. But that could change. You could accept Sammy’s invitation to come over while her parents are away!

Sammy 18 does all sorts of naughty things. She doesn’t see them as naughty, but her mom sure does. She is always chastising her for wearing her skirts too short or not sitting properly so that boys can see her panties. If her mom only knew how dirty her little girl got when she is home alone!

With a Premium GFs you can pay her some special attention. You can help her in the bath so she doesn’t have to masturbate all of the time. You can watch her play with her friends and let them know if they are having sex right.

Hey, buddy! Do a barely legal girl a solid and help her wash her back!

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If trouble had a middle name it would be Alexandra D. Her body started developing way earlier than the other girls and she quickly learned how to use it. By the time she graduated high school she did so with honors even though she rarely attended class. Alexandra knew how to use her body to circumvent the system!

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Most guys are under the impression that the slutty girls only want to bang hot guys. As in, the only reason they are slutty is because they have guys like Channing Tatum gyrating their hips in front of them. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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