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Emily 18 – Masturbating

Hey now… Can’t a girl get a little bit of privacy when she is diddling herself? Not when that girl’s name is Emily 18! In fact, she wants you to not only watch her while she is masturbating, she wants you to join in and cum at the same time!

Emily18 has been helping her fans cum for four years now. Just about the only thing that has changed since the beginning is the quality of the web site. It just keeps getting better and better!

In the beginning the focus was on pictures. High resolution pics and not a whole lot video wise. Emily 18 used her youthful appearance to tease her fans. She made things bright and fun. Anyone who was a member back then will tell you she was a little angel!

Now the focus is on videos. High resolution videos. But, if you are a pics fan, don’t worry. She still updates with plenty of pics of her puffy nipples and small tits.

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18 Years Old


When you want barely legal girls that are 18 years old there really is no better place to go then to a web site that practically spells it out for you. has over 185 episodes. All uncut and uncensored!

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Sasha Blonde – Practicing


As with most things in life, satisfying a man takes practice. What better way to get some cock-time in, then to experiment on a big dildo with your trusted girlfriend?

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Club Seventeen – Lesbian Kiss


From the land that brought you words like shagalicious comes one of the oldest porn magazines covering the teen niche. It is called Club Seventeen and it started all the way back in 1976!

Back then Club Seventeen was able to publish nude photos of seventeen year old girls because in the UK it was legal. Here in the states doing that would land you in jail next to an inmate named Bubba.

While there are no seventeen year olds on the site, the girls look pretty damn close! These two shagalicious babes are sharing a lesbian kiss. Later in the movie they share vibrators, tongues, fingers and more!

Club Seventeen updates twice a day. There are thousands of girls in thousands of photo albums and videos. Club Seventeen has been online since 1996. Do some simple math in your head and you can instantly see just how big the archives are here.

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Amateur Upskirts – Celina Cross


Tired of upskirt sites that don’t deliver the goods? Amateur Upskirts is all about quality and technique. They deliver when others can’t. They practically own the niche!

Amateur UpskirtsĀ is ten years old. When they came on the scene the Internet was in its infancy. While everyone else was trying to find themselves Amateur Upskirts was carving out a niche.

To make itself unique Amateur Upskirts focuses on the point of view approach. Using this technique makes you feel like each girl is dancing just for you. I don’t know about you, but Celina Cross above brings back nothing but good memories.

All of the girls model several different styles and colors of panties. They have cotton print panties, silk and satin panties, lace panties, sheer panties, thongs panties and more. In every color of the rainbow and then some.

Each model is unique. I have several favorites at Amateur Upskirts. Sometimes a model that isn’t a favorite is wearing a particular set of panties and is in a certain setting that brings back a memory I am fond of. In those instances she becomes a girl from my past, if only for a moment. I am sure you will have similar experiences at!

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