Angel Button – Gothic Flair

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Angel Button

Well, she swears that she isn’t goth… but her fashion sense says otherwise.

She goes by Angel Button but her real name is Angel… Sure it is, Angel, I believe you… Actually, who gives a fuck about her name, it is her beauty we are all interested in and so I will focus on that.

Angel Button hails from Brazil. That must be where she got her Angelic Bottom. A booty that is a little thick, but in all the right places! It is like those meat market commercials, no more than a quarter inch of fat all the way around the steak. Just enough to give you something you can really grab on to. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it!

Angel is a shy one. The shy ones are always the ones that go out of their way to become not so shy. She says is her place to let it all out. With a body like hers I don’t know how she managed to keep it all in for this long.

Everything here is exclusive and everything has a bit of gothic flair even though she maintaines that she is not goth. Whatever she is, I like it and I enjoy the twice weekly updates. If you enjoy porn that is not a far stretch from being art, you will enjoy!

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Angel Button