Crush Photo


In the beginning porn was kind of corny. Lame music, lame plot lines and it had the visual quality of a dirty late model car. We bought porn anyway. Something is always better than nothing.

As with most things, porn began to evolve after these first initial steps. Today we have porn sites that rival the quality and technology of their mainstream counterparts.

Crush Photo began in 2001. Since then they have been creating porn for people that can enjoy porn as a form of art. The galleries at Crush Photo push the boundaries of porn. Everything is highly erotic and extremely sensual.

Upon your first glance of Crush Photo you might think goth. Then, as you dig deaper you find yourself getting hungry for more.

Back when Crush Photo was getting started no Internet porn had girls with shaved pussies. The owner got lots of flack for portraying the girls as nubiles. Now there isn’t a girl in porn sporting a bush and we have Crush Photo to thank for that.