Liz Vicious Pants Down

Liz Vicious Not Just Another Teen

Hot damn, a new teen solo model site! But Liz Vicious is not just another teen model, she is intoxicating!

So many programs are coming out with cookie cutter bullshit sites lately. Especially where solo models are concerned. Basically they find some chick, any chick, who will take their clothes off. Most of the time the girl isn’t someone I’d like to fuck. is by far one of the hottest sites I have seen in my career. She does everything right. She has style and looks to go with it. Her body is young and teenish with a youthful face. She comes off shy in the beginning and then turns into a strong wicked bitch in the end. Makes you wonder who is picking up on who?

Liz has some of the sexiest eyes in the business. Her lips are sexy. Shit, even her nose is sexy! And she does hardcore! Crazy because she also does softcore so well it is like you have a membership to two different websites at the same time!

I know there are some diehard Suicide Girls fans out there who like any chick with piercings and tatoos, but I have standards and Liz Vicious meets and exceeds those standards. LizVicious is one membership you won’t see me cancelling anytime soon!

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Teen Tracy Schoolgirl Panties

Teen Tracy

Just going by what you see here it is hard to imagine Teen Tracy as a schoolgirl. But that is exactly what Tracy is, a high school girl!

Most teen models who are willing to show some skin on the Internet wait until they graduate from high school to do so. Tracy is the exception to the rule. She is planning to use her Internet modeling profits to pay for her college tuition. Hey, at least she has a plan!

At only 92 pounds this girl excels in both track and cheerleading. All of that running makes for one rock hard body. While her boobs are small her ass more than makes up for it. Her ass is so hard and firm you could easily bounce a quarter off of it.

The gallery from reminds me off the first time I saw a girl in ther panties. I was staying at a friends house and he had to go to soccer practice. When his mom left to take him, his sister called me into her room. She was kind of just mater of factly sitting on the bed in only her bra and panties.

I was stunned. My jaw must have hit the floor and my eyes must of opened twice as wide as normal. She asked me why I was acting so goofy and I snapped back to reality. I realized that if I was going to enjoy this situation any longer I was going to have to act nonchalant. Like seeing a girl in panties wasn’t a big deal.

His sis asked me if I thought her legs were too long. My heart jumped. She just opened the door for me to be able to look down. As soon as my eyes passed her panty covered crotch my dick started getting hard. I think she noticed but she quickly looked down at her feet and traced her finger up the inside of her leg.

She started at her ankle and then moved slooooowly up to her knee. The whole time I was thinking about how I needed to savor every inch because I might not see this again.

Once she arrived at her knee she asked something about her calves possibly being the problem. I quickly disagreed with her and she continued up the inside of her thigh. My dick twitched at the sight of this and she again pretended not to notice.

Now I had a few seconds to devower the sight of her panties pressing up against her pussy lips. I could feel my heartbeat in the head of my prick. Just as I sensed my precum soaking my own shorts I glimpsed her pussy juices soaking the crotch of her panties.

Right then the electric garage door turned on. Her mom was home! I ran for the bathroom and listened at the door. My friends sister and mom exchanged some words and when I thought the coast was clear I jacked off to the picture of her wet panties that was etched into my mind.

To this day that picture remains and with the help of Teen Tracy I can relive the experience any time I want to. Boy, I love the Internet!

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