Barely Legal Beauty Emily 18


This photo of Emily 18 is a perfect post card describing all of the things that are special about barely legal girls making a transition from childhood into adulthood. From her new boobs capped with pink  nipples to her desire to feel the new sensations her pussy is giving to her, encapsulates everything you would expect to see in a girl dealing with her new body.

When you think about it puberty is a strange thing for girls. While most of the changes boys go through are covered by a pair of shorts, girls have a lot happen in areas everybody can see and take notice of. Their budding boobs are an obvious sign that a girl is going through hormonal changes. No two sets of boobs are exactly alike and no girl knows for certain what her boobs will ultimately look like until her transformation is com-plete.

For Emily 18 that transformation didn’t even begin to happen until she was just graduating from high school. Her boobs are very small and her nipples are very puffy in her first photo sets. She doesn’t even start to grow a booty until her second year of modeling.

Along the way Emily’s body looks captivatingly beautiful. It is no wonder she can’t keep her hand out of her panties. Whom among us wouldn’t want to slip a hand underneath the hem of her undies?

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