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Fem Joy – Nice View

If you think the view is nice from over here, you should see the other side!

FemJoy is where you go when you want to see natural beauty. They have everything from big tits babes like the one above to small tits nymphs bordering on barely legal.

The girls at FemJoy come from around the world and are often photographed in exotic locations by the industries most talented photographers. Some sites like FemJoy use girls primarily from Eastern Europe that need quick sources of cash. This isn’t how FemJoy does things!

When you surf FemJoy you are looking at the world’s hottest girls. Girls from Austria, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, the USA, Brazil and more. Girls anyone with a clue would consider to be just as exotic as the locations they are photographed in.

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Sexy Lette – Pierced Teen

Solo models come in all number of shapes and sizes. They have a variety of backgrounds as varied as there are colors in a box of crayons.

Sexy Lette is from the darker side of town but she is a lot more energetic than most Goth girls. I feel as though most Goth sites have too dark of a mood. Almost depressing. I am trying to jack off and some girls seem like they want to kill themselves more than they want to make me cum.

This dull and dreariness is not present at Sexy Lette. Until now, I never realized Goth teens could be so vibrant. Exciting. I must admit, I was originally put off by her piercings but then I wondered what it would feel like having the backs of those studs riding the head of my cock. Her soft tongue working its own brand of magic on my glands…

Sexy Lette updates weekly with new pics, a video, diary entries and webcams. It is a refreshing change to have a hot teen Goth running on high energy. Sexy Lette is one teen with videos that work like Viagra.

Melissa Matters – Hot Secretary

So my buddy Pete calls me up. Says, "Dude, you gotta come down here and see my new secretary, man. She is fucking hawt!"

Pete knows I run several porn blogs and other shit dealing with porn so he calls often. Pete runs a site called The Wet Peach. It is a clearing house for hot college coeds posing nude and getting nasty.

I show up at his office and he has some young hot blonde sitting in an office chair wearing only her panties and bra. Seriously, I expected to walk in and she would be wearing a skirt and a white blouse and maybe her bra would show through. But half naked? Even better!

So I tell Pete that this girl is solo model material and he says, "No shit man. Exactly what we were thinking!" And the next thing you know Melissa Matters was born.

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Teen Dreams – Jerri

Exciting? Hell yeah! The sweet Latina teen with small tits above is Jerri. Her petite body is just waiting for a gentle guy to come along and coax orgasms out of it. She is new to sex but, she is eager to please. Jerri loves adoration and will do anything to get it. Even hike her already very short skirt up a little bit more. Is she wearing any panties?

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