KinkyGFs – Freshmen Orientation


You did everything right. Saved. Put your daughter in the best schools. Pressured her to work hard and do well in school. She really kicked some ass. Graduated a year early and went to college for her 18th birthday.

Then all hell broke loose!

At her freshman orientation (or was that initiation) the seniors got your little girl sauced up and ready to let you know it is time to give her some respect! Damn it!

“I umm soooo fuhhh-king ti’ered uf all’uf thur bool-shhhit! I mmm’ah dallt now. I kehnn han’dal mife-self.”

And her sorority sisters were there to cheer her on and make sure she did handle herself. She drank that 750ml bottle like nobodies business and then moved on to finish another one. What a champ!

The best part is that we have the pics to prove it. All because of a little FREE site called KinkyGFs. A place where her sorority sisters can make money uploading pics of your little girl. How fucking awesome is that?

Now you can explain to everyone at the next family reunion what is going on with mommy’s little monster. Or even better, let her do the explaining. Because you can’t even think about leaving her in school for another break again!

KinkyGF’s has literally thousands of candid and not so candid pics. Tons of videos of girls behaving badly. Not just college girls but amateurs that decided they would take a stab at this whole Paris Hilton sex tape thingy.

All the power in the world to your, girls!

Danni Virgin


Take the best part of Lindsey Lohan (the camel toe) and put it with the spunkiness of Avril Lavigne. What you get is Danni Virgin. One mother fucking hot redhead teen with a body so petite you could fold her up and tuck her away in your shirt pocket. is filled with photos and videos of this little sprite looking too cute at only 18 years old. Her pert small tits and firm little bottom will have you air-slapping her booty all the way across your screen.

As an added bonus members of Danni Virgin also get access to Real Wild Girls and My Favorite Babysitters. Personally I am not into hardcore porn so for me Danni Virgin is plenty!

Jurassic Cock


Finally a site where old timers are keeping it real by fucking hot coed teens silly. I don’t know about you, but I for one have a problem with watching some young dude fucking the chicks I want to bang. I am an old fucker and I don’t care about young people having sex! I care about old fuckers like my self laying the pipe in some barely legal bitch!

Porn is about fantasy and what could be more fantastic then banging the little hottie serving you at your favorite outdoor eatery? How many times have you wanted to lift up that little girls skirt and see what color of panties she was wearing?

You know, these days some girls don’t even wear panties!

I often find myself thinking, “Damn, I’d tip this bitch $100 if she’d just show me her shaved beaver!” I know half of the college aged cuties around my town are in need of cash. So why not?

Well, someone didn’t just ask why not. They went out and did it! Jurassic Cock is the brain child of the Porn Pros. They are making porn fun again with often whacky and always entertaining sites like 18 Years Old, 40 oz Bounce, Flexible Positions, Sleep Creep, MILF Humiliation and more!

Each of the sites updates weekly and since you get all of them for one low price it equals out to be multiple updates daily across the network.

Take the Jurassic Cock tour and see why that little blue pill is so damn important to an old man’s sanity. Ten years ago he could only dream about it, now he is banging coeds! – Amateur Blowjobs


You know… I am really starting to like these ex-girlfriend sites. If you don’t know what I am referring to, they are the sites where guys (and sometimes girls) send in naughty pics and videos of their (often ex-)girlfriends. Hot amateur blowjobs pics and videos!

My new favorite place for watching girls take sticky facials is The site has been open for a while and has already amassed over 10,000 different girls!

Some of the content is individual. You get one pic or video of a girl and that is that. Tons of the content is in a series. Either the girl or her boyfriend keeps sending new shit in or he/she sent the entire burrito all at once. Either way, it makes for a really kickass viewing experience!

JizzGFs is updated on a daily basis with 100% user submitted amateur blowjobs. The girls range from perfect 10 hotties to beer goggles and a bang over both your head and her head (just incase hers falls off).

Along with your access to Jizz Gfs you get access to Teen GFs and Sister Reunion. Who doesn’t like banging sisters?

Andi Pink & Ariel Rebel – Bath Pics


Not sure which one you want to choose? No un problema, Senior!

With your Pancho Pass you don’t have to choose. You get 30 sites including both Andi Pink and Ariel Rebel in the bath pics above! All of the videos, all of the pics and all of the girls!

The Pancho Dog has been shooting porn for almost a decade now. The archives of porn this guy has amassed are at the terabyte level. You are going to need a bigger hard drive.

Andi Pink has small tits and a pussy that looks so virgin like you are going to be doing lots and lots of double takes. Ariel Rebel has small tits too. Her pussy is tighter than bark on a tree. The kind of tight you have to work with your fingers before ever dreaming of getting your cock in there.

And we haven’t even talked about the other 28 sites yet!

And we aren’t going to either!

Take the Andi Pink and Ariel Rebel tours. They can explain it better than we ever could!