Lily Koh just wants to have fun

I have to admit I love Asian girls. Not every Asian girl mind you, some of them are as fucking ugly as a mud fence. That said, many Asian babes are hot and they love to please. They don’t call them little brown fuck machines for no reason. You have to love any culture that teaches the girls to do whatever a man says.

Lily Koh might just be the perfect example of everything an Asian girl should be. She is hot, petite, has a rocking body and her pussy is so tight that it is like fucking a clenched fist.

Lily likes to play all innocent and sweet when she is trying on her sexy outfits or pulling down her little panties so she can finger her wet Asian pussy. But I have the feeling – if she got you alone in a room, she would suck you until your balls dried up!

Now, this super cute Asian hottie has her own website. She says that she just wants to have some fun before she starts college. Hey, if her idea of fun is getting naked, fingering her pussy until she cums and getting buck-nasty with other girls, then sign me up for that party! won’t fuck you around. She has very high rez pics and movies on her site so you will be sure to catch every drop of her love juice as it slides off of her bald pussy. Plus she updates all the time so you will be sure to be kept in the loop about all of her hot and wild exploits.

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FEMJOY – Teen Beauty

FEMJOY Pure Nudes

FEMJOY – Pure Nudes

There are two contexts you can take that in. On one hand, they only have nudes… On the other, the girls are wholesome and… well… pure!

Either way, you got it right. This website is made up of 98.99% the girl nextdoor. The other percentage is made up of a few bad girls. But it isn’t a problem because bad girls need love too!

I could stare at that picture for hours and I think that is the idea at FEMJOY. The beauty is undeniably seductive and stirs emotions no other website can conjure up.

If you are a conesure of the nude female form, FEMJOY Pure Nudes is your next stop. They don’t just talk about beauty, they deliver it!

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8Teenies Lucy

8Teenies Lucy

With a name like, you know this is gonna be good! Lucy here is a perfect example of the quality you can expect from one of the hottest barely legal sites on the net.

The folks at 8Teenies don’t always focus on barely legal, but when they are focusing on barely legal, they hit home runs!

All of the girls on this site are girls… What am I saying? Well, a lot of teen sites use women who are out of college and strung out on crack. Not 8 Teenies! They use girls who are the age they say they are.

While some girls might have A cups or be flat as a board and other girls might be pushing D’s all in your face, one thing is always constant – those tits are firm and sexy.

8Teenies is like a melting pot. There are over 30 models with over 300 sets to chose from. Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads and everything in between. Chunky girls with cushion for the pushing and petite girls wearing thongs and cotton print panties. The videos are DVD quality and the updates come in on a weekly basis.

With so many models to choose from it is hard to pin down a favorite. Basically you can have a new favorite each and every week. My personal fav is Julia… But then I also like Valerie. The best part is that I don’t have to choose because I get them both here at!

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