Tiny Tabby What Is My Sister Up To?


Most guys won’t cop to it, but the majority of us had a thing for our sisters at some point when we were younger. My sister was a very petite girl even when she was a senior in high school. Her tits were so small my friend used to call her Kansas!

I wouldn’t say I had a huge hardon for my sister so much as I did for her friends. One day while I was doing my home work I heard some giggling in her room and then I heard some moaning. To be honest it sounded like someone having sex!

With my interest peaked I headed down the hall to her door and found it locked. Our bedroom windows were on a side of the house where our neighbors couldn’t see them so I headed outside to see if I could peek inside hers.

Thankfully she hadn’t closed her blinds all the way and I could see very clearly what was going on in the room.


My sister was tonguing her friends pussy and her friend appeared to be in heaven enjoying it. I remember thinking, wow. I didn’t know my sister was a lesbian! She always seemed so interested in boys. Even my friends at times. Later I would come to realize she was bisexual.


I had seen girls lick pussies in the movies, but this was different. This was real. My sister and her friend were giving me the ultimate show!



Eventually my sister would let me sit in the room and jackoff while she and her friends had lesbian sex. Occasionally one of her friends would want to fuck me and who was I to say no?

My sister and I never touched each other, but I can’t say I didn’t want to. These days I am kind of glad she didn’t let that happen!

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Chloe 18 Rubbing Her Pussy

Have you ever noticed that skinny girls don’t have to do much to look good. Chloe 18 has a sexy petite body and a killer tan. Put them together and you have tons of jackoff material!

Now add in her retainer, her ponytail and her cute little bum and you have enough jackoff material to satisfy an entire city of men for years!

Chloe 18 reminds me of a good friend’s little sister. She had a tight little body too. While we were all a bit older than she was, his sister was chloe-18/5737/teen.htm”>barely legal, and she had a huge crush on me.

For about a year I noticed she seemed to want to pose for me wearing next to nothing. If I was in the backyard with the guys she would do something to get my attention and then pose for me wearing her bra and panties. I took a lot of baseballs, soccer balls, Frisbees and more to the head because of it!


One day when I went into his backyard and sat by the pool waiting for him to get home. While there I heard some soft moaning coming from a downstairs window. Wondering what it was I headed on over for a peak and there was his cute little sister with her hand in her panties!

She had some sort of book lying on the ground next to her and she was really going to town on her clit. Lucky for me their backyard was fully enclosed from on lookers so I whipped my cock out and shot my load all over the wall below the window.

It was the first time I ever came at the same time as a girl. Well sort of since we weren’t actually having sex and she didn’t know I was there.

Later on when my buddy got there I headed into the room she was in to see if I could find the book. Turns out it was some soft of scrapbook her mom had put together and the page she was on was basically devoted to me!

It had me swimming and lying by the pool. Playing flag football with my shirt off… etc… His little sister was masturbating to my pictures like they were some kind of porn. Hey, who am I to judge? I masturbating to clothing catalogs!

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Bikini Inspector




So I am strolling the beach the other day and I am inspecting the bikinis all of the girls are wearing when some girls dad jumps out in front of me and asks me, what my "fucking" problem is. Startled I ask him what problem do we have? He tells me that he doesn’t like me checking out his daughter while she is learning to surf. Hmm… Okay…

I really don’t get it. Do parents really think they can allow their daughters to wear skimpy bikinis and nobody is going to want to look? Besides, this dudes daughter was a freshman in college. She can take care of herself!

But this got me to thinking… Sites like the Bikini Inspector really are a better option for checking out hot babes in bikinis. First, off there aren’t any irate parents to give you a hard time. Second, half the time the girls send their pics in hoping to read what guys say about them. And finally, you can surf Bikini Inspector for far less than it would cost to make it to the beach!

Teenage Girlfriend in Lace Sheer Panties


This is another amateur porn photo that was sent to my email from a fan. This lucky bastard gets to fuck this hot blonde girl all the time but thankfully he was nice enough to send this picture of her just before they had sex.

I love her little lace panties and she has a great body. I’m trying to get him to send me a porn video of them having sex and if he does I’ll post it here!

Topless Beach Photos


I see a topless beach pic like this and several things go through my mind. 1) Sorry, babe, you aren’t going to find that contact lens. Time to move on. 2) Is she drinking ocean water? 3) Where do I have to go to see hot babes going topless while wearing bikinis that go completely see through when wet?

The great thing is that I actually have an answer for #3. To see these kinds of heavenly sights one must go to the French Riviera.

How can I possibly know this? Because Beach-Candids.com tells you were they find the topless babes at. These aren’t photos and videos you will find scattered all over the net. The owners fly to these places, or have others do the flying for them, and they take these shots with high end equipment so everything is crisp, with an unmatched clarity!

Sure, you can join one of those candid sites where girls are taking grainy photos of themselves with a cell phone in the dirty bathroom mirror or you can join Beach Candids and get high quality and have no fear of big brother banging down your door because some of the girls might not have been of age!

Barely Legal Sex Positions


Sylvia is one of my ex girlfriends. We were together during university while we were young and restless. We tried every sex position in the Kama Sutra and we even tried some kinky things.

I loved it when she put her gloves on and blew me till I came on her face. She told me her favorite sex position was doggy and she asked me to do it every time we were fucking. But after 6 months we broke up and i have no clue what is she doing right now.

My friends say she is doing porn!