Obsessed With Myself


Some guys are luckier than others. They have hot girlfriends with perky tits and braces sending them sexting pics. But it doesn’t have to be that way though… I mean certain guys don’t have to be luckier than others…

Obsessed With Myself has daily updates with hot babes and teens sending in their pics and guys sending in pics of their ex-girlfriends (or their current ones)!


Sure, some of the pics have problems like flash glare, but that is because this site uses real submitted pics, not some bullshit posed ones with Internet models.


Some pics aren’t in HD… They are often pretty grainy… Again, that is because they are REAL TEENS!


So get your own membership to Obsessed With Myself and enjoy the real teens taking real photos of their hot selves!

Puffy Pussy


Pucker up sweetie, daddy’s home!

While guys are known for doing strange things like fucking banana peels and apple pies, girls are known for strange things too.

Most girls have fucked a Magic Marker or have run the bath water over their clits, but this… this takes the cake! Who ever thought up using a suction pump on a girl’s pussy is genius!

At Wet and Puffy they keep tabs on the puffy pussy so you don’t have to. Grab a pass, enjoy the ride!

Stacey Rocks


/stacey-rocks/6160/teen”>Two teen girls kissing. Could anything be as precious? I think not! Well, OK, perhaps newborn kittens…

/” target=”_blank”>Stacey Rocks is the newest solo model site to hit the net and being true to her name, this girl rocks! Stacey likes girls and she has been waiting for a chance like this to share her sexuality with the world!


Stacey has a lot of friends and they usually make several appearances with her. Some of them even have their own sites so you can enjoy more of them too!


When you join /staceyrocks.com.php” target=”_blank”>StaceyRocks.com you get access to an entire network. There are three solo model sites and a multi-model site featuring all of them, plus their friends!

Take the tour and see what this rocking hottie is doing!

Ariel Rebel on the Beach


Every once in a while someone sends me one of those Jailbait pictures with a thick black border and white lettering that say something like, "Jailbait, you keep getting older and they just stay the same!"

The same can be said about Ariel Rebel. As I am approaching my forties my body, hair and overall look is rapidly changing, however, ArielRebel.com has been online for six years now and guess what? She hasn’t changed a bit!

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