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Did you ever get this lucky when you were growing up? I was lucky enough to have a sister with a lot of hot friends. She had sleepovers all of the time and back then girls used to wear those half-length nighties with a pair of panties underneath. On many occasions they would bob their feet and bounce their legs until the hem of the nightie moved up enough to show me their sexy teen buns. My cock got hard as a rock!

After about a half hour of this treat I would bail to my room to jerkoff. Sometimes I would steal a girls panties from her overnight bag and rub the on my cock. I didn’t cum into them, I’d put them back where I found them so I could do it again the next weekend.

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When a girl is in public she will pull her panties out of her butt cheeks incessantly. There will be a constant battle between her sexy teen butt and those silly panties. Oddly enough, every time her panties win a fight she wins. Visible panty lines? Gone! But then she resets the stage for another mini-war with a few plucks.  It is a wonder how girls get anything done.

At home, though, something magical happens. She no longer seems to care about whether or not her panties are in her crack. In fact, some girls seem to pull them into their crack as a way to show off what they have got. This is a story about a girl who liked to show off for me.

It all started as harmless flirting. To be honest I wasn’t even paying attention to her in the beginning. She was my buddies kid sister and she was rather annoying at times. But something about her was different now. Maybe it was her perky boobs? Those were new. Or maybe it was how her fleshy little booty was starting to take shape? I think it was her booty that I noticed first.

While I was over she paraded around her house in a t-shirt and panties as if I were a part of the family. Only, now that she had a body she was beginning to try and get some of my attention with it.

That first time she plopped into my lap wearing her usual getup of panties and a t-shirt. She started tickling me and giggling at my laugh. I was wearing a pair of shorts, and back then guys wore shorts almost as short as the girls. I couldn’t help but feel the warm, smooth skin of her booty swirling around on my thigh. My dick started to get hard. Not all of the way, but enough that I didn’t want it hitting her.

Oops! Too late!

She was still being flirty even after she hit my dick. She jokingly asked if we were supposed to talk about what just popped up. I tried to say it wasn’t a hardon. That was just how big my dick was. Then she abruptly jumped up and told me she would, "let me go."

As I sat there she sashayed as if she were wearing high heels while she exited the room. Her panties were so far up her ass I thought she was wearing a Brazilian bikini. Her ass cheeks actually looked mighty fine. Now my cock was fully hard.

Right then her brother walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch beside me asking about what the score was on the TV. I mumbled something and tried to adjust myself so he wouldn’t see my woody.

Later on that night I went to take a shower. His sister was also on her way to the bathroom and upon seeing me heading towards it she darted towards the door. She threw her things onto the counter and turned around holding the door only a few inches open. Then she told me very coyly that I was just going to have to wait.

While waiting I crept down the hallway to check on my bro. He was snoring in front of the TV. Then I crept the other way to check on her parents. They were snoring behind their door as well. Before I knew it I was standing in front of her dresser drawers looking for the special one she reserved for her panties.

Once I found the correct drawer I looked back at the door to make sure nobody was coming. Then I began to slowly sort through her undergarments. I took special care to lift entire bunches out of the way and to put them back just as they were before incase she had one of those photographic memories or something.

After about a minute of looking I found some pink cotton panties that peaked my interest. They had a full back, but the sides were only straps. I wondered what her ass would look like in those babies.

I listed for the shower which was right next to her room and it sounded like she was still busy. Nervously I unzipped my pants and took my cock out. I began to stroke it with her panties wrapped around it. Oh how I wanted to nut in that soft material right then and there. Her panties were somewhat new so the cotton was super thick and soft.

Nutting in her panties would have been divine, but I couldn’t do it. This was all too new. If she found them all crusty she might ask her brother about them or tell her mom. I quickly put them back into her drawer and put my cock away.

While waiting for her to finish in the shower my mind was racing. I couldn’t stop thinking about her tight teen buns. My cock wasn’t going down and I needed it to go away if I was going to cross her in the hallway on the way to the shower.

I turned on my buddy’s bedroom light and found an issue of Sports Illustrated sitting on his desk. After reading for a little bit my dick went half way down.

At that point my buddies sister exited the bathroom. I thought it best to wait for her to make it into her room in case my cock decided to spring to life in her presence.

When I heard her open her door I headed down the hallway towards the restroom. Before I could get there she turned around and started walking back towards the restroom as well. When she made the turn her robe opened up quite a bit and I could see a lot of thigh. My cock started perking up again.

We both arrived at the door at the same time. She smiled at me and told me she had forgotten her hairbrush. I stepped aside and she grabbed it. When she turned back around she saw my semi-hard cock and giggled, telling me I might want to take a nice, hot, steamy shower and give that thing some attention.


My head was swimming. Did she just tell me I should jerk myself off or did I just want to hear that and my subconscious totally changed the words around to suit my needs? When she got to her room she looked back and smiled, with a wink, before closing the door. I knew I should have never watched The Shining. I was tripping!

When I got into the bathroom I turned on the shower and got naked. I had a bag in the bathroom with my clean clothes and my toiletries. When I opened it up it seemed like it was all in different places. Did she go through my bag? I noticed my deodorant cap wasn’t on all of the way and it had bitten into the deodorant so there was some on the outside. I would have never put it into my bag like that or else it would have gotten white deodorant all over my clothes. She did go through my bag!

I took my dirty clothes and put them into a grocery bag so they wouldn’t stink up anything in my night bag. Then I began to wonder about her dirty clothes. I reached for the lid of the hamper and flipped it up. There were her panties laid out on the top of the clothes. Perfectly sitting there for me to enjoy.

My heart started racing as I grabbed them and brought them to my face. They smelled of her scent. A little pee, a little baby powdery and something else I couldn’t quite pin down. This was her pussy smell. It smelled wonderful. And she left it for me!

As my heart pounded as if it was going to beat right out of my chest I opened the panties to check the gusset. It was still wet.

After some time I realized that I had been in a trance like state for some time. I didn’t know how long. All I knew was that I was sucking on her panty gusset and my hand was on my cock feverishly pumping it.

Before I knew it I needed to cum. I could tell I was going to explode. This was going to be a thick gob explosion of diabolical proportions. I wrapped her panties around my cock and started pumping. Every time I got right to the point of cumming I stopped myself, telling myself this was crazy. I questioned whether or not this thing was all in my head. What were the chances she dropped her panties in the hamper and they landed perfectly as if they were on a store shelf? She had to want this as bad as I did. I would continue to talk myself into and out of cumming into her panties for several more episodes.

Eventually I did the right thing and I put her panties back. They had quite a bit of precum soaked into them, but that would dry up quickly and it wouldn’t turn crusty. I jumped into the shower and let my balls release with my cock pointing towards the drain.

After cumming things seemed clearer to me. My hormones were no longer dictating my choices. Even if she was flirting with me, she probably didn’t want me to cum in her panties. She probably just wanted me to see them and think of her when I jerked off. Or, she never even thought I was going to jerk off in the first place.

Once I got showered and shined I headed back towards my buddies room. While in there I heard her go into the bathroom, probably to return her hairbrush. After a bit I headed over to the living room to watch some more TV.

When I got situated on the couch my bro’s sister came into the room. I tried to act like I couldn’t see her and just kept my eyes on the TV. She talked right over to me and stopped in front of me. Her panty covered beaver was basically crowding my view of the television. I would have asked her to move, but then I noticed her panties were pink cotton. And that there was a wet spot on them from my precum.

"Did you take a hot shower?" She asked.

I was kind of caught off guard and just gave her back an, "Mmm hmm."

"That’s odd," she replied. "It doesn’t look like you finished," she said pointing to the precum on her panties. "Not in these ones either," she said holding up the pair from the hamper, showing me that there was only a patch of precum.

This made me somewhat nervous since her brother was sleeping only feet from us and she was holding up her panties towards me. I could only imagine what he’d think if he woke up and tried to make sense of what he had seen.

"Try it again!" She scolded me. "And this time make sure you finish!" With that she threw her panties at my chest and stomped out of the room.

I quickly balled up her panties and stuffed them into my pocket. Then I sat there wondering what I should do. Why was this even happening? Only two hours ago everything was normal!

At that point I had two thoughts racing through my brain. I could forget about this and she might start something between me and her brother, or her parents for that matter; or I could go into the restroom; jerk off into her panties; and blame it on the chivalrous side of me that doesn’t want to see a young woman upset. Either way, I was better off doing what she had wanted. At least now I was sure it was what she had wanted.

It was a good thing I followed my instincts. When I got to the restroom I found that there was yet another pair of panties laid out for me. This time it was on my night bag. Only it was half way in and half way out. Had I not come to the restroom to do this for her who knows what would have happened had her brother decided to use the restroom before retiring to his room.

I sat down on the counter and planted my seed into her panties as she had asked. It was a lot less cum then I had shot into the shower drain, but it was still a respectable amount. This time it was different though. A lot of the excitement wasn’t there.

After exploding into her panties I placed them into the hamper. Part of me wanted to mush it all into them really good because I was afraid she might actually put them on and get my spunk near her pussy. But I left them still white and creamy for her hoping she took sex education at some point in her life.

When I got back to the couch I heard her go into the restroom to get her panties back. She then peered around the corner of the hallway and told me, "Thank you!" It sounded so sincere and cute like she usually is and kind of renewed what had been my rapidly waning interest in her.

Before I knew what hit me I passed out on the couch and woke up there the next morning. As time went by this girl and I would take flirting to a whole new level. Both of us would up the ante just a little bit more with each night I stayed over until the day I had overstayed my welcome.

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