Interview with a sex doll lover

“I’ve never had a good time with the opposite sex.” British doll lover Simon has no less than eight sex dolls, and he plans to buy a new huge butt sex doll.

How did you find out about sex dolls?

When I first searched for “loneliness,” “companionship,” and “single,” doll-related inquiries popped up, and when I first saw it, I was fascinated. I was hooked by a tan skin small boobs sex doll.

When did you get your first doll?

Six years ago, to be exact. When I first learned about it, I was afraid of what people around me would see, but then I let it go and decided to live for joy.

What was it like to spend time with a doll for the first time?

It was an amazing feeling, it was like a person but not a person, it was so unreal. I didn’t do anything too much with my chubby fat sex doll because I was too fat, but I loved holding her, sitting next to her and helping her dress up.

How many sex dolls do you have now?

Currently there are 8 different styles sex dolls in total, they are from different countries and different brands, there are RealDoll, uxdoll, wmdoll and other high end products.

Would you buy them again? If so, which styles?

I would buy more, but not sure which one yet, there are so many styles on the market now, Elf sex doll, mature sex doll, Anime sex doll all want to buy, but it’s hard to choose the next one, they are all very real.

Which one do you think is the best doll?

They all have so many different manufacturing processes that it’s hard to pick just one, so I have nothing but praise for all the ones I’ve come across.

About TPE sex dolls for sex experience

Today many manufacturers produce super real feel adult sex dolls, including, in terms of product materials, workmanship, body details and other aspects have been more perfect. Today, we will mainly discuss with you about the sexual experience function of cute sex dolls.

Sex dolls can be used as a class of adult sex toys to solve people’s sexual needs, not only for singles, but also for sex toys to enhance the interest between partners. Compared with the inflatable dolls, famous weapons, airplane cups, fantasy sex dolls are more real. Not only can be close to the touch of human skin, imitate the human body structure, high-end can also be intelligent vocal interaction. Now most enthusiasts prefer TPE material young lovely sex dolls, beautiful, non-toxic and odorless, durable and long-lasting, and more playable.

There must be a lot of people will ask, with medium boobs sex dolls sex, how exactly the experience? Our answer is that it can be almost close to the real person feeling. Many huge butt sex dolls on the market now, especially like uxdoll’s TPE series of chubby fat sex dolls using alloy bones, imitating ergonomics to develop the whole body joint movable range to the extreme, joint flexibility is very good, you can do any position you want, such as kneeling, rear entry, riding position. Breasts, buttocks and other tactile sensations can also be faked.

Finding the ultimate in sex toys

Obviously there are many different Sex Toys For Ladies. You could say they are spoiled for choice. The thing is many women are unsure about what sort of a toy they should get. They also tend to overthink things and this often makes them make a rush choice when they should be taking as much time as needed.

Technology is a wonderful thing and as time passes sex toys obviously are getting more and more advanced. They are the ultimate pleasure devices and we might as well be getting the most from them.

The age that we live in is one of many different delights. These are moments where things can go our way and as we evolve we come to an understanding where we know our bodies and we know what they need. Isn’t it well and truly time that you treated yourself? I know you need this and you might as well get it now!

What a Teenage Girl needs to Learn about Sex

Your young daughter is growing and developing before you know it, she will be a teenager. Do you know what this means? She will now want to discover herself better. Remember adolescence stage kick-starts here. For most of us, parents, bringing up the sex topic, which is the most relevant at this stage proves to be quite tricky. Perhaps it is some unnecessary shame that clouds us.
Some of us also assume that the teacher at school will do enough. But wait, is this enough? Did you know kids tend to hear more of their parents than even teachers? Meaning, as a parent, you, too, have a role to play in this. Let me show you how.

Teach a little Biology to her

Educating your daughter on the topic of sex is essential at this stage of her life. Do not assure that what she hears on television or learn from class is always enough. When you are with her, bring yourself to her level and make her understand her sexuality and what that means. Ensure she understands how people have sex and why. Like sex dolls love, they should not just “sex toys”..

Remind her of your family values

Living on positive attributes and values as a family will so much help your daughter in her teenage. In most cases, they will automatically install in her and will show in her wherever she goes. Remind her of the worth of abstinence and self-respect. Make her also understand the importance of greater integrity and honesty.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

At teenage, your daughter would have known about sex already or at least played it. As a parent, you should be on the watch that she remains safe. Make her aware of the presence of STD’s with proof examples if you can. Let them understand the manifestation of each and how they can permanently alter their life if one acquires any. Ensure she understands the need to play safe sex and more so the best protection she should use.

Impacts of sex

Aside from either getting pregnant or acquiring STIs, your daughter must know that sex requires mature emotions. It is a physical activity that intertwines emotions and creates a bond between the associated parties. Such bonding may blind you when you want to make the right relationship choice. At the end of it, you will ever face conflicts in your relationship as a result of making the wrong choice.

Educate her on abortion

Make sure your daughter understands what abortion is, how people do it, and the risks involved. So much insist on the dangers since they are severe. Remind her that abstinence is much better to avoid being in such situations as of deciding whether to abort or not.


Let a male sex doll take charge of your woman. Most men out there would want to taste adolescent girls to find out how they are, and it is wrong. Most of these teenagers are never mature enough to judge the wrong from the right as far as sex is of concern.

Look at these tasteful sex toys for Indian women

I was telling a rather conservative female friend about my sex shop experience. I couldn’t believe how she was looking at me, it was like I’d robbed a bank and didn’t have an ounce of care about doing it. After showing her what I got her mood seemed to change from "why would you do that?" to "where can I get the same things from?". It was funny to see how easy her reaction was once she seen what pleasure you could get from them.

Sex toys are not just for single Indian women. Couples use them all the time just to bring some much needed flavor to the bedroom. If you think things are getting a little on the stale side in your relationship now would be the perfect time to bring back that passion that you’ve been missing out on. A caring and thoughtful man is going to appreciate that you are a women that doesn’t have to count on the love of a man to get all the pleasure that you need or desire.

Taking the time to get to know your body is honestly of the upmost importance. Should women have to rely solely on the actions of a man to feel needed or wanted? not in this day and age that for sure. It is high time that we took matter into our own hands, after all that’s said and done it is our bodies that we have, not theirs so they can let us have some real enjoyment for a change. I know there is going to be a certain amount of men that are going to feel that their so called “manhood” has been challenged, guess what? if they did things right in the first place there wouldn’t be such a growing demand for sex toys for women!