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As you know I get a chubby for candid photos featuring the girls next door. I have always had a thing for amateur girls. I don’t care much for Hollywood’s idea of what the ultimate girl should look like. Give me a girl with perky tits and I am happy even if they are small.

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The site is called NSFW’ish. The "ish" part is attributed to the fact that most of the girls are naked, but some are just so fucking hot their nonnude photos make it onto the page.

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Pictures on are laid out like a gallery on the girls page with full sized pics available if you click on the representative thumbnails. Being that they are true amateurs the quality varies a lot, both in the quality of the subjects and the quality of the photography.

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Did you ever get this lucky when you were growing up? I was lucky enough to have a sister with a lot of hot friends. She had sleepovers all of the time and back then girls used to wear those half-length nighties with a pair of panties underneath. On many occasions they would bob their feet and bounce their legs until the hem of the nightie moved up enough to show me their sexy teen buns. My cock got hard as a rock!

After about a half hour of this treat I would bail to my room to jerkoff. Sometimes I would steal a girls panties from her overnight bag and rub the on my cock. I didn’t cum into them, I’d put them back where I found them so I could do it again the next weekend.

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As a kid I peeped on my neighbors daughter’s a lot. I was lucky enough to have a lot of very good looking girls living on my block. Some of them even had some very good looking mothers. I used to fantasize about mother daughter sex with them.

This post is about one girl in particular. She was Mexican-American and her parents were super strict. She wasn’t allowed to wear dresses until they went all the way down to her ankles. One night when I was peeping on her she put on an extra long tank top. When she looked at herself in the mirror she realized it looked kind of like a skimpy dress girls might wear to clubs.

As I watched her she turned this way and that way fantasizing about wearing such a garment in public. She seemed to notice that her little booty hung out and she rubbed her ass cheeks as if she was trying to be seductive for some boy in her mind. Little did she know she was actually modeling for a real boy who was jerking off right outside her bedroom window.





When she turned to face the mirror she could see that her panties were showing. I watched as she pulled the front of her "dress" up exposing them completely. Then she pulled on them until they went up her pussy slit giving me a nice camel toe to marvel at.

Once her panties were up inside her pussy cleft she pulled the dress back down as far as it would go and walked towards the mirror as if she was wearing high heels. As she strutted back and forth the panties shifted back and forth in her crack. My balls wanted to explode, but I didn’t want to cum just yet.

After putting on a little show for herself, and me, the girl next door again pulled up her dress. This time she pulled her panties down to take a look inside them. She had left only a little landing strip of hair above her pussy when she shaved it. Her lips were completely bare and they made a nice cleft of Venus.

It seemed as though she was trying to see the crotch of her panties as she pulled them a little further down and then out in front of her. She then reached into them and touched the part that was against her pussy. She brought her fingers up towards her face, and as she parted them, a string of her pussy juices first spread out and then broke as the distance between her fingers grew further and further apart.

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Life is full of fleeting moments, particularly where sex is involved. The teenage years don’t last long enough! When I was in high school I had a girlfriend that liked to use the shower massager to masturbate. I used to watch her without her knowing all of the time. Then we broke up and it was like – FUCK!!!

It has been a decade and I haven’t found a girlfriend yet that uses a shower massager to masturbate regularly or that will let me watch her use it regularly. So what is a poor boy to do?

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High school sports are great. Where else can you go to see teen girls wearing only their panties with plenty of upskirt views? These girls got caught in a drafty spot during a school faire. You have to wonder how many boys have nutted over these two as the cell phone pic got passed around at school.

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Have you ever noticed how teen girls do this kind of shit? They dress provocatively, flash you their panties, then swear they aren’t doing it on purpose and expect you to be a gentleman. Well, sweetie, I can be a gentleman… Gently touching your pussy lips with my tongue!

Bailey looks like one of those teenagers with a tasty pussy. One that doesn’t smell and tastes like nothing you can really pin down. A good taste. Not too sweet. Not bitter at all. No sour, no salt. Just creamy goodness!


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We’ve all heard it before, Bailey. You didn’t even notice your dress had ridden up, or that your panties got sucked into the folds of your delicious pussy. Yeah… It happens all of the time.


Oh, that?

Yeah, Bailey has a delicious ass too!

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As my business gets busier I have been calling on my girlfriend to lighten my load. No, not that load. Get your mind out of the gutter. Though I wish… I am talking about going through my blogs and making sure things work right and that kind of stuff.

Anyway… I come into the office and she is plugging away. As I come up behind her I notice she has two 30" screens filled with posts of mine featuring Emily 18!

I am wondering what that is about and she seems to be finishing up counting: 101, 102, 103, 104. One hundred and four. Then she looks at me with a "What the fuck?" look.

"Is there a problem?" I ask.

"I don’t know. Is there a problem?" She counters.

Now I am wondering what her problem is… and she is wondering what my problem is…

So I ask her pointedly what her problem is and what 104 meant. I guess this here is my 105th post of Emily 18 on all of my blogs. Her problem is that she is wondering if I am infatuated with Emily or somethingand why?

Oh jeez. This is one of the problems with working in porn. Your respective other is going to have a problem with you writing about other people. Especially when those other people are sometimes a bit younger… O.K. a lot younger.

"It wouldn’t be such a big deal, except that the next closest person is Ariel Rebel with 75 posts. And after that it is Andi Pink with 52 posts. And after that the next closest is 12 posts." She informed me.

"OK. And all of this is important because why?" I ask already having a pretty good idea of the answer.


So I have to explain that I started my blogs years before I met her. I was in college then. These girls were our age back then. This is my job and if she doesn’t like it, she is going to have to figure out how to like it or leave.

Long story short(er)… She surprised me that night. Instead of her black, white or nude colored bra and panty sets she usually wears, she came to bed in a bright, multi-colored set like Emily would wear!

She had just one stipulation… I had to be thinking about "her" and by "her" she didn’t mean Emily! LOL

I quickly crossed my fingers behind my back and nodded in agreement. The rest of the night was fan-fucking-tastic!

Thank you Emily 18 and… oh shit… I hope she doesn’t read this!

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At 8teen years old Emily 18 got into Internet modeling when she was barely legal. It has been six years believe it or not and she still looks just as adorable now as she did way back then!

One of the top selling points for a site like is that you literally get to see this girl grow up right before your eyes. In her first sets she looks like jailbait, then she looks like a high school sweetheart and finally she is just starting to look like she is in college!


This cock hungry teen is the ultimate tease. I say ultimate because she ultimately delivers. Emily has loads of photo galleries and videos where she leaves her panties on. Sometimes those panties are only a millimeter thick. You can basically see what is in store for you underneath. In her newest galleries and videos Emily18 gets 100% nude!


Here Emily is doing her best, don’t hate me because I am beautiful, impression. Look at her tits standing up! Makes you wonder how they’d look giggling as you pound her pussy!


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/stacey-rocks/6160/teen”>Two teen girls kissing. Could anything be as precious? I think not! Well, OK, perhaps newborn kittens…

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Emily 18 – Sleepover


I swear this girl only gets better with age!

The webmaster over at Emily 18 just released more promotional stuff and I saw this gallery and it really hit home…

My own personal Emily 18 was the kid sister of a buddy of mine. I was over at his pad one day when he had to leave to help a sick aunt or some shit and he left me and his sister alone.

No big deal really. I knew she had a bit of a crush on me, but it wasn’t like I was going to act on it and she probably wasn’t that interested in me anyway… Read more