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Abby Winters Annabel & Briana


Have you ever wondered how the girls you dated back in high school that supposedly never dated a boy before you, knew how to kiss, and seemed rather ahead of the curve when it came to sex? Wonder no more. The girls of Abby Winters are going to show you where they got their moves. From each other!

Most boys masturbate. More girls do to. Boys tend to masturbate more often then girls and more boys then girls masturbate at some point before the age of twenty. I am not sure why there is such a disparity in the numbers, but I do have a theory. Would you like to hear it? Too bad. You are going to anyway.


I have noticed that girls experiment with each other much more often then boys do. Boys think of sex in such a finite way. If you have sex with another boy you MUST be gay. Girls don’t see it that way. To them having sex with another partner of the same sex is just an extension of the love you feel for that person.

Since girls are having sex with each other they don’t feel the urge to masturbate as much as guys do. Some even bypass masturbation altogether and just have sex with other girls when there are no boys around. Of course they don’t call it having sex. They call it sharing oneself wholly.



Abby Winters has over one thousand models in many thousands of videos. Many of the girls do multiple videos and multiple picture galleries. You can download the movies or stream them, or both. Take the tour and feel the love!

Teen Topanga and Chloe 18 Kissing

What are two horny girls supposed to do when their parents forbid them from having sex with boys, and their friends are all becoming vastly more experienced?

Have sex with each other!

And it all starts with that first kiss!

Teen Topanga and Chloe 18 have been friends ever since grade school. Now that they are seniors in high school they are looking at each other in a very different way then they ever did before!

Girls like these are not alone. Studies show that many more girls that boys share a teen kiss. It is just part of their nature to be more accepting and loving of one another.

With a Tiny Teen Pass you can watch both of these girls having sex with even more friends like Little Summer. There are now over 20 solo models and a few multi-model sites, plus twins! TWINS!

My favorite twins are the Milton Twins, but the Texas Twins are a not so distant second!

Four new girls were just added to the Tiny Teen Pass network. My favorite is Tiny Becky, but you might find Lil Kelly, Cute Tabby or Little Lorie to be more of your liking!

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Free Teenie Pass


There is nothing wrong with a girl little another little girls pussy. But if us older guys want to do it everybody starts thinking we are perverts or something!

Even if I wanted to lick a little girls pussy I don’t have the kind of cash it takes to keep a college coed on the side. So I got myself a Free Teenie Pass!

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Teen Girls Kissing – Teen Topanga


Teen Topanga should have figured something was up when her friend suggested they take their tops off before practicing kissing. She was never the brightest bulb in the bunch, but that didn’t stop Topanga from being one of the most experienced girls on the block, what with all of the girls and boys taking advantage of her naivety.

You can watch as Teen Topanga hosts sleepovers that turn into high school Senior romps. Topanga has dozens of bi-curious girlfriends and she gives you access to every one of their sites!

Yes, sites!

Not just videos and picture sets of her girlfriends, but unlimited access to all 20 of her solo model friends like Selina 18, Trixie Teen, Little April and more!

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Stacey Rocks


/stacey-rocks/6160/teen”>Two teen girls kissing. Could anything be as precious? I think not! Well, OK, perhaps newborn kittens…

/” target=”_blank”>Stacey Rocks is the newest solo model site to hit the net and being true to her name, this girl rocks! Stacey likes girls and she has been waiting for a chance like this to share her sexuality with the world!


Stacey has a lot of friends and they usually make several appearances with her. Some of them even have their own sites so you can enjoy more of them too!


When you join /” target=”_blank”> you get access to an entire network. There are three solo model sites and a multi-model site featuring all of them, plus their friends!

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Little Lupe


This video from Little Lupe reminds me of a great time from my past. I was dating a girl and we both hadn’t had sex yet. We did experiment here and there, but pretty much it was just fingers doing the walking and even then it seemed we couldn’t please each other right.

Then an older girl from down the street caught us kissing and petting behind some bushes and she agreed not to tell anyone about us if we showed her what we were doing. Read more

Teen Masturbation

Like most guys in high school you probably thought you were the only one masturbating. You had no idea that the majority of chicks were masturbating too and that almost as many were having lesbian sex!

You let what could have been the best four years of your sex life go right down the toilet. Instead of being Don Juan you were more like Spaz McGillicutty.

It doesn’t have to be like that though. You can still watch teenagers masturbate and share kisses with a Tiny Teen Pass. With over twenty web sites featuring solo models like Chloe 18 and Teen Topanga above you can relive some of those fantasies and even some of the moments if you are one of the lucky few that got laid!

Virgin Off

barely legal, lesbian girls, first time lesbian, small tits, bald pussy

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Girls are a bit different then boys are when it comes to sharing. While boys individually believe they are the only ones in the world jacking off, girls know everybody does it and they wonder why boys are so damn secretive about it!

Because of their open mindedness about sex, girls are more likely to experiment with one another. They are curious, just like you, and they want to compare boobs, pussies and techniques for bringing themselves and each other off!

At Virgin Off the girls do a lot of experimentation. They practice kissing, they see what feels good and they race to see who can cum first!

Now that Virgin Off has merged with 18 Only Girls you get the lesbian videos and the hardcore boy/girl stuff too. There are thousands of models and thousands of videos. Take the tour and see what you’ve been missing!

Teen BFF–Ivy and Melanie

As the old saying goes, “Share and share alike!”

At Teen BFF the girls don’t mind sharing and the guys are in for a big surprise! What warm blooded male wouldn’t want to bang his girlfriends best friend? It is a dream come true!

Ivy and Melanie have been friends since like… forever! And along the way they have had fights and make ups and even a little bit of make up sex. Ivy decided to step things up a notch and invite her friend Melanie over for a good old fashion teen gang bang. Gotta love her spirit!

As a member of Teen BFF you get access to the entire Porn Pros network. These guys are adding new episodes daily and a new site to the network every month. While everyone else is cutting back, these guys are cutting loose!

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Real Teenie GFs


If there is one thing I love to do it is take girls on all expenses paid vacations to Mexico. It is dirt cheap, they get plastered and they often get super kinky!

I don’t know if it is just being in a different place or the hair braids, but chicks get frisky in Mexico. It is like they had all of this pent up sexual frustration just waiting to bust out and now that they are in a place where nobody knows them, they can act like complete sluts in public!

Real Teenie GFs was there to catch these two bi-curious babes sharing a kiss. In the members area they went back to their hotel room and finished the deed with some hot, passionate lesbian sex and an even hotter shower!

Want the video? You can have it for free only at Real Teenie GFs!

Club Seventeen – Lesbian Kiss


From the land that brought you words like shagalicious comes one of the oldest porn magazines covering the teen niche. It is called Club Seventeen and it started all the way back in 1976!

Back then Club Seventeen was able to publish nude photos of seventeen year old girls because in the UK it was legal. Here in the states doing that would land you in jail next to an inmate named Bubba.

While there are no seventeen year olds on the site, the girls look pretty damn close! These two shagalicious babes are sharing a lesbian kiss. Later in the movie they share vibrators, tongues, fingers and more!

Club Seventeen updates twice a day. There are thousands of girls in thousands of photo albums and videos. Club Seventeen has been online since 1996. Do some simple math in your head and you can instantly see just how big the archives are here.

Before long Club Seventeen is going to have you wearing paisley again and tucking your lips into your gums when hew talk bavey!

Andi Pink & Ariel Rebel – Bath Pics


Not sure which one you want to choose? No un problema, Senior!

With your Pancho Pass you don’t have to choose. You get 30 sites including both Andi Pink and Ariel Rebel in the bath pics above! All of the videos, all of the pics and all of the girls!

The Pancho Dog has been shooting porn for almost a decade now. The archives of porn this guy has amassed are at the terabyte level. You are going to need a bigger hard drive.

Andi Pink has small tits and a pussy that looks so virgin like you are going to be doing lots and lots of double takes. Ariel Rebel has small tits too. Her pussy is tighter than bark on a tree. The kind of tight you have to work with your fingers before ever dreaming of getting your cock in there.

And we haven’t even talked about the other 28 sites yet!

And we aren’t going to either!

Take the Andi Pink and Ariel Rebel tours. They can explain it better than we ever could!

Little Mutt


Georgia… G.e.o.r.g.i.a… I’ve got Georgia’s sexy, pert, small tits oooooon myyyyy miiiiiiind!

With such small nipples you might lose them with all of those goose bumps. Somebody get this girl a sweater!

Small tits Georgia Jones is the newest Little Mutt model. If you haven’t heard of Little Mutt before, they find sweet, natural, young models and have then do some pretty provocative things to themselves and one another. Occasionally a lucky guy gets to come along for the ride! updates four times a week. They have to update often to fit all of the content into their members area. Georgia has 9 videos and 7 picture galleries. Her girl-girl videos will have you wishing you were a girl too!

Open since 2002 Little Mutt has over 150 models. Since each model does several videos and picture sets you have a lot of catching up to do… And that is hard to do when you have one hand on your dick and so many fresh, young girls to look at. But I am sure you will give it the old college try!

Teen Kelly


You know when you go to the river with your girlfriend and she gets drunk as all fuck and some hot blonde chick picks up on her on the dance floor and you just kinda chill in your booth like some pyscho voyeur and you ask yourself, “Self, why didn’t she tell me she digs chicks? I could have been watching this shit for the past 2 years!” Well, that is pretty much what this Teen Kelly gallery said to me…

TNV Girls – Lesbian Love

Two teens going 69!

My job is to find you the best porn for the best price. To steer you clear of web sites that suck. I take that job seriously. When I want to see teen girls kissing, fondeling each others pussies and licking each others clits, I go to

Why TNV Girls? Because they are a one stop shop for guys like me. Personally I don’t like dudes in my porn. To put it bluntly, I don’t like dude ass, dude back, dude legs, dude hair, dude anything. I like chicks and Thursday Night Video Girls is full of hot chicks!

They have chicks in panties. All sorts of panties. Teasing you with solo masturbation and teasing each other with sapphic love. They have lots of kissing. Chicks kissing each other in long sensual embrases. They also have coeds going down on each other. Not just any girls… but hot girls that are enjoying themselves. Girls that can’t believe how lucky they are to do one another. Girls just the way I like them.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are times I don’t mind dudes in my porn. I don’t mind point of view blowjobs for one. But, when it comes to spending money, why not get a web site populated only by lesbian chicks? You get twice the girl in every scene. Sometimes five times the girl!

Beauty is important and beauty isn’t just about hot boddies, it is also about hot faces too. Sure cotton panties clinging to a firm butt are hot, but if she has a horse face you couldn’t jack off to her could you? Of course not. TNV Girls has hot coed girls. Girls you’d be happy to show off to your friends.

If you have a panty obsession and you love watching girls making out, you need to get your very own password!

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