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Hot Teens Stripping At The Beach

Hot Teens Stripping At The Beach

When you are a girl and you are super hot the rules no longer apply to you. If these were three ugly chicks pulling each other’s bathing suits off and stripping at the beach the cops would be called. In this case the lifeguards are all too busy enjoying the show to remember to pick up the phone.

It just goes to show you that hot chicks stripping off each other’s bathing suits off at the beach is par for the course when human decency is pushed to the side by testosterone.

The girl in the middle of this beach bathing suit debacle is Raven Riley. She is a sexy solo model with a need to have the world see her naked. I know. My kind of girl right?

Just imagine paying all of that money for a beach front condo and you get to see this kind of show. it makes it all worth it if you ask me.

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This photo of Emily 18 is a perfect post card describing all of the things that are special about barely legal girls making a transition from childhood into adulthood. From her new boobs capped with pink  nipples to her desire to feel the new sensations her pussy is giving to her, encapsulates everything you would expect to see in a girl dealing with her new body.

When you think about it puberty is a strange thing for girls. While most of the changes boys go through are covered by a pair of shorts, girls have a lot happen in areas everybody can see and take notice of. Their budding boobs are an obvious sign that a girl is going through hormonal changes. No two sets of boobs are exactly alike and no girl knows for certain what her boobs will ultimately look like until her transformation is com-plete.

For Emily 18 that transformation didn’t even begin to happen until she was just graduating from high school. Her boobs are very small and her nipples are very puffy in her first photo sets. She doesn’t even start to grow a booty until her second year of modeling.

Along the way Emily’s body looks captivatingly beautiful. It is no wonder she can’t keep her hand out of her panties. Whom among us wouldn’t want to slip a hand underneath the hem of her undies?

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Growing up you don’t notice things even when they are right in front of you. Take my sister and her friends taking showers together for instance. It never occurred to me that some hanky-panky might be going on while they were in there. All of those giggles. What sounded like sea animals as they rubbed on the side of the tub. The occasional moan. Now I wish I had put a spy cam in there!

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Girl In A White Leotard And Bunny Ears


They say that girls just want to have fun and after looking at this girl in a white leotard and bunny ears I am inclined to agree. She wants nothing more than to be loved and told she is special. And for that she is willing to do almost anything. Even that thing your wife won’t do.

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Topless Beach Photos


I see a topless beach pic like this and several things go through my mind. 1) Sorry, babe, you aren’t going to find that contact lens. Time to move on. 2) Is she drinking ocean water? 3) Where do I have to go to see hot babes going topless while wearing bikinis that go completely see through when wet?

The great thing is that I actually have an answer for #3. To see these kinds of heavenly sights one must go to the French Riviera.

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Emily 18 Beach Bikini Pics


Tell your friends that you are getting married and they will probably cry and whine like little bitches. Why? Because in the past getting married meant your life stopped! Not anymore though… Now we have the Internet!

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Lil Kelly


Lil’ who?

Lil Kelly!

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Teenie Beach GFs


Don’t hate on her because she looks younger than your daughter. She can’t help it. Honestly, you think she likes getting carded everywhere she goes? It does get old after a while!

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Selina 18


You lucky dog. Out of all of the guys in the park she decided to let you, and you alone, see her panties. She made it look like it was unintentional so nobody else would realize she was showing you what’s under her skirt, but we both know how cunning she can be!

Selina 18 looks like jailbait. She is, however, barely legal and eager to learn a thing or two. Not that she isn’t practicing on her own. Selina loves to masturbate and think about older guys that express interest in her. She’s always wondered why they don’t just ask her out on a date or something. Do they really think she is so pretty she would say no to them?

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Abby Winters Elizabeth


Watching nude girls play in the water is a lot of fun, but most of us have jobs and responsibilities that don’t allow for taking extended time off looking for these little ladies. Abby Winters makes these kinds of moments a reality and today’s girl is Elizabeth.

This small tits cutie starts out real shy and you can tell she wonders things like, "Are my breasts big enough?", or, "Will the boys from around the world think I am attractive?"

Don’t worry yourself, Elizabeth. The boys find you attractive alright and those small boobs of yours are one of the top reasons they do!

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Real Teenie GFs


If there is one thing I love to do it is take girls on all expenses paid vacations to Mexico. It is dirt cheap, they get plastered and they often get super kinky!

I don’t know if it is just being in a different place or the hair braids, but chicks get frisky in Mexico. It is like they had all of this pent up sexual frustration just waiting to bust out and now that they are in a place where nobody knows them, they can act like complete sluts in public!

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