Zishy Girl Jazz Reilly Temps and Teases In the Shower

Zishy Girl Jazz Reilly Temps and Teases In the Shower

That moment you are caught spying on your best friend’s older sister in the shower. Oh how your blood chills and almost stops your heart, but somehow your cock manages to stay hard. You try not to steal one more look at her ass, but – there! You just did it again!

Please don’t scream!

Please don’t scream!

Please, please, please don’t scream!

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She is turning around and you can see her boobs! Well, most of them. Her hair is in the way so you cannot see her nipples. Did your cock just jump? She liked it! She smiled! A wry smile, but it was a good sign.

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She wants you to show her what you were doing! Oh my god!!!

As your heart beats in your chest you grip your cock. Damn it feels good to squeeze it. Her eyes are lighting up! She likes it!

You work some precum over the head and down the shaft. Very well then, little missy, you are in for a good show!

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