Teen Kelly


You know when you go to the river with your girlfriend and she gets drunk as all fuck and some hot blonde chick picks up on her on the dance floor and you just kinda chill in your booth like some pyscho voyeur and you ask yourself, “Self, why didn’t she tell me she digs chicks? I could have been watching this shit for the past 2 years!” Well, that is pretty much what this Teen Kelly gallery said to me…

Teen Lola 18 – Schoolgirl


Why Teen Lola 18? Well, I needed a schoolgirl. The blog deals with teens having small tits. If I saw her in a bar I would single her out as most likely to fuck on the first date. Are those good enough reasons?

Where to start? Lets start on the fuck on the first date part since it is already fresh in your mind. Warning: Do not click on her web sites name TeenLola18.com unless you have your computers sound level set to low. Once you do click on her sites name you will see what I mean by fucking on the first date. Teen Lola wastes no time getting down to the business of sex.

Lola started her porn site with the idea of making some money on the side. I think it is safe to say this girl is going to attract quite a following of fans. She has some notable barely legal qualities like her extremely small tits. Are they even A cups? I am not knocking her here, I am just asking! She also has a wonderfully shaved, tight pussy.

The site is updated twice a week with new pictures and a video. Guests models drop in and members have various perks like wallpapers featuring Teen Lola 18.

True, I usually write about softcore models but, when you want something with a little more gusto, Lola and her dick-sucking-lips won’t let you down!

Met Models – Aida in Chimera


You have probably seen this girl before. She is after all, the girl next door… Well, if that door happens to be in Europe that is. Her name is Aida and she is just one example of the beautiful girls at Met Models.

The girls at Met Models hail from around the world. Countries like Chili, Germany, Italy, Russia, Australia, the UK, Argentina, The USA, Brazil and the list goes on. No matter where these beauties are from they are always hypnotic. This is nude art taken to another level!

Met Models uses over 70 photographers from around the world to capture the girls in their native lands. The archives are the culmination of seven years of hard work. The members area is updated each and every day of the year.

Everything about Met Models is flawless. From the photography to the videos. Photos go up to 4000 pixels. Large enough for some pretty extreme zooms. The videos are encoded in WMV, Quicktime and Divx so no matter what computer system you are using, you can view them! Everything is 100% downloadable.

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