Rookie Babe Krissy

Rookie Babe Krissy

Those tatoos are in ancient Chinese text.

They say, "Wide Ass."

Yeah, Krissy has a big wide ass… You don’t find many girls with that thick of an ass without dimples… Krissy is like one in a million.

Krissy is a Rookie Babe from San Bernardino, California. She gets the best of both worlds. An hour from the beach in the summer and an hour from the ski slopes in the winter.

This babe is of a dying breed. Someone you can take home to mom. A girl you can brag about to your buddies. Someone you can flaunt infront of your ex-bitch-of-a-whore and show her that you are indeed moving up. has plenty more of these tender morsels… Girls you dream of meeting but you are looking for them in bars and they are hanging out at the campus library.

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