Dude? Figure Baby!


Dude! Is that Jessie’s little sister? WTF?

She has some nice fucking tits man! And her nipples are fucking scrumptious looking. But that ain’t the best part man. Wait until you see Cindy’s fucking shaved beaver! She looks like a fucking virgin!!!

It is hard to believe this girl is actually barely legal. She is Cindy from Figure Baby. Her best quality isn’t her tits or her shaved beaver, it is that she looks like someone you once knew’s little sister and now she is old enough to make babies (or not!).

If there is one thing that can be said about Figure Baby it is that he specializes in Seattle 7’s. These are girls that would be average to maybe a six in Los Angeles, but in Seattle they are golden.

Oh… He also specializes in photography and the whole artistic nude thing. Whatever…

I would personally like to buy this man a beer for finding so many girls next door and putting them all in one place. Because of this guys passion for photography the pictures at Figure Baby come in large, extra-large and often way to damn big for the subject they are depicting. By that I mean tons of his girls are fucking insanely hot for girl next door types and others… well… [woof]

In addition to the high quality pics he also produces some high quality videos. There are at least three updates a week evenly spread out to fight boredom at work and he often throws in something extra just because his work is his hobby and he likes doing it that fucking much!

The monthly price is $17.95 which is nice considering I whacked off to my friend Jessie’s little sister for three sessions in two days. In fact, I think I might go for another right now.

If you ever dreamed of fucking your best friend’s sis Figure Baby is going to have you wondering if she really did go into porn!

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