Nadia Virgin

It is time to go a bit chunky and talk about Nadia. No, not Nadya Suleman, the Octo-Mom. I am talking about Nadia Virgin. The thick, chunky, tasty teen in the bathtub above!

I had a special friend that looked a lot like Nadia when I was growing up. She was self-conscious about her weight problem, but I wasn’t. I locked onto her problem and offered her a solution. I’d make her believe she could be a sex object too!

In order to get her from point A to point Z we had to “practice” a ton of things. What ended up working best was a soapy bath. She could be under soapy water in the beginning and then as our lust heated up, she’d enjoy rubbing that soft, voluptuous body all over me.

Over time my Nadia Virgin got used to me looking at her and she got that twinkle in her eye. Other guys noticed it too and started looking at Nadia themselves. Pretty soon she was became my Frankenstein of sorts. I had created a sex monster!

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