Drunk Girlfriend Sold To Three Guys To Fuck

girlfriend sold to three guys to fuck

When I was dating chicks back in high school I made the fatal mistake of thinking I was going to marry each and every one of them. I shouldn’t have been thinking that way and I should have just enjoyed fucking all of them. It wasn’t until college that I finally figured out I would have to share my bounty with my friends and that they would share their bounties with me.

Eventually my friends and I developed a good network of sharing our girls with each other and the girls enjoyed having three to four cocks in them at once. When I graduated and got married it was to a square. I figured I didn’t need anymore headaches in my life so I married somebody I was sure I’d never get divorced from so the kids wouldn’t have to suffer. Turns out I was right about her and we are happily married for twenty years now. But there is just one little problem.

I miss those days fucking bitches gang bang style!

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