Topless Beach Photos


I see a topless beach pic like this and several things go through my mind. 1) Sorry, babe, you aren’t going to find that contact lens. Time to move on. 2) Is she drinking ocean water? 3) Where do I have to go to see hot babes going topless while wearing bikinis that go completely see through when wet?

The great thing is that I actually have an answer for #3. To see these kinds of heavenly sights one must go to the French Riviera.

How can I possibly know this? Because tells you were they find the topless babes at. These aren’t photos and videos you will find scattered all over the net. The owners fly to these places, or have others do the flying for them, and they take these shots with high end equipment so everything is crisp, with an unmatched clarity!

Sure, you can join one of those candid sites where girls are taking grainy photos of themselves with a cell phone in the dirty bathroom mirror or you can join Beach Candids and get high quality and have no fear of big brother banging down your door because some of the girls might not have been of age!