Tyra8Teen – Girl on the Computer


Seeing that picture of Tyra 8Teen above should be a wakeup call for parents all over the world. Do you know what your daughter is doing on the computer? Or with that brand new high resolution webcam she asked for?

Internet models like Tyra8Teen don’t come around often. She has a sweet perky set of small tits and tan lines that are also becoming more and more rare.

Tyra has a youthful petite body with a firm butt that still has a little baby fat on it. Because of her youthful appearance she regularly gets carded at night clubs. (In her country the legal drinking age is 18. Remember those days?!?!)

Not only is she light on the scale but she is also shorter than most girls her age. It wouldn’t surprise me if she couldn’t ride half of the rides at Disneyland!

Tyra8Teen is perfect for guys into barely legal girls with small tits. She likes to dress up in color outfits and play on jungle gyms at the park or lounge around in her print bra and panties.

Members get access to Tyra’s Email and can make requests. Lots of her updates are from requests. Of course if you send in clothing items they will be washed before she wears them in a shoot.

Videos are shot in HD. At a mind blowing 1920×1080 you can play these on your HDTV! The pics are a minimum of 1024×768 and go up from there. Lets just say you can count the bumps on her young pink nipples!

Tyra8Teen is in high school right now and will be graduating this year. Tyra has dreams of going to college and meeting a special someone that can help her achieve her goals. Want to be her mentor?