Mila I From MetArt


Is it just a coincidence that a woman’s vagina looks like a flower opening up to allow you inside? Are we nothing more than animals with the same hormonal urges as the four legged mammals that walk the Earth? Then again, who cares? If I am a dog, then I am a dog. Ruff, ruff!

All pussy looks amazing, although not everybody would think so. Some guys are into big meat flaps and others want a gash with little to no lips. You can find the hottest babes in the world and they will all have major differences in their pussy’s characteristics. Perhaps that is why we are so driven to try out different girls. It is like a surprise once you get down there.

In this Mila I Metart gallery nothing is left to the imagination. She opens herself up to you. She isn’t shy about her body like most girls. It is funny how most girls try to hide their flaws, but often subconsciously draw your attention to them. Mila I is flawless, so far as I can tell.

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