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Candid Beach Pics

OK, call me a rat bastard. Call me what you will. But you cannot tell me honestly that looking at the picture above doesn’t change the circumfrence of your cock just a little.

I have always been a fan of beach candids. I love them. I have joined several sites over the years in search of them. In that time I have seen some pretty good shit, but nothing compares to five updates a week! Nothing!!!

I am not certain how I ended up enjoying this fetish so much. Perhaps it was all of those trips to the beach as a kid? Or maybe it was the fact that my neighbors all used to lay out during the summer in some pretty skimpy bikinis, rubbing suntan lotion all over their bodies and the fact that my house was a two story so I could see them in full view? What ever the reason, I am hooked!

One of the best things about these candid beach sites is that you can ogle the girls all you want. No more turning before she sees you or having her throw something at you to get you out of your trance. With Candid Beach Angels you can get a good look, a real good look at everything and avoid all of the pitfalls of looking at another guys girl.

Along with the owners photos you are also getting photos from photographers that have graduated from amateur candids to professional voyeurism! Some of them you might even know them from enjoying their work in candid forums or somewhere else.

We are talking high resolution photos. We are talking about nipple slips and bottoms exposing lips. High quality stuff that you can zoom into. At $19.95 this place is a steal and for only 5 dollars more you also get access to Her Fine Self. What? Hey, what would Christmas be without a bonus?!?!

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