Teens From Tokyo – Cosplay


Ohh the open mouthed Asian teen. A sight to behold. This one is into a thing called Cosplay. That is where Teens From Tokyo dress up in costumes from anime/menga titles like Sailor Moon. I am not sure what character this little hottie is portraying but I wouldn’t let that stop me from giving her some cock.

Most Cosplay sites are only about the costumes and that is about it. Well, also about the hot teens wearing them too. The Teens From Tokyo take it to a whole nother level. Not only are they dressed up in some stylishly hot uniforms, but they also have sex! Hardcore, unadulterated sex.

Lots of guys have a thing for Asian teens. Particularly Japanese schoolgirls. This is all that and more. No matter what these girls are dressed up in, they are always cute. So cute you just want to gobble them up.

The tour has a lot of movie samples. Another first for Cosplay sites. Like most Asian girls, the girls at TeensFromTokyo.com don’t mind getting kinky. Taboo, bukkake style kinky. Cum swapping, cum swallowing and sticky facials style kinky. All while wearing Cosplay costumes. Fucking hot!

What really sets this site apart from other Asian sites is the quality. The bright costumes almost give the site an artsy feel. Perfect given it is rooted in Cosplay.

Never before has an Asian teen site been put together like Teens From Tokyo. I searched long and hard looking for any Cosplay sites and when I found this one I knew I hit something big. Just about every Asian niche is covered!

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