Raven Riley Super Bowl

Raven Riley

There are only four days left until the pig skin hits the grid iron. What does that mean? Fuck if I know but damn it sounded cool-as-fuck when I said it…

Raven Riley would like to kick off your Super Bowl festivities early. Ohh, and your wife ain’t invited so tell her to fuck off. Or, just hide in the basement like usual… What ever works, right?

This will be the third Super Bowl that RavenRiley.com has been with us for. Even though the site is only a little over two years old, we got lucky on the dates. I just wish I could be even luckier and date this babe!

Raven is a hardcore girl in a softcore package. I kinda like that because if we ever do date, I would have had a hard time explaining her to mom if she looked like Liz Vicious (click for visual description).

Being two girls in one body means that us Raven Riley fans get double the content. I swear if this girl doesn’t slow down she is gonna explode. Each week you get two to three updates. I am not talking about she updated her dairy or doing a webcam show. I am talking videos and pics of this brunette beauty doing everything you can imagine.

Currently Raven is giving away her gator. Why would you want her gator? Because, you dummy, it has been all over her pussy! Well, that and she signed it… So now it is sellable on Ebay.

A pussy juice gator, two to three updates a week, PLUS webcam shows and Raven could possibly be cumming to a town near you! Check out the Instant Access page to get a big hint!

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