Lily Jensen – Upskirt

Lili Jensen - Hot Babe

Fuck me, Lily Jensen!

I swear to God I am happy I don’t see girls like Lily everytime I go to college or I’d find it hard to control myself!

Lily here is 18 years old but you’d have a hard time figuring that out without me telling you. Her small tits and print panties put her in the extreme barely legal teen category.

It is sad that popsicles live such short lives. But don’t shed a tear for that guy. Who among us wouldn’t want to be in his position right now…? To have Lily’s luscious lips tight around your cock and her tongue swirling around the head, swallowing your precum as it ebbs out.

Imagine holding her pert young boobs in your hands and feeling her nipples harden to your touch. To watch as her fingers disappear into her panties to caress her budding clit. To see her legs opening up as if to say, "Take me, I am yours!"

Each week updates with a new photo set and a new video for you to fantasize about. That means eight times a month you and Lily can share that special time together. Lily even shares emails with her members.

Brand new (Aug, 2006), Lily Jensen is your sweet heart for 2007!

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MET Art – Blonde Teen


This nude blonde teen totally reminds me of a girl I saw at Springbreak. That year my girlfriend decided we should do Spring Break as a couple. She got three other couples to go along with it and let me tell you something, Springbreak and couples is a bad idea!

So any way, I was a bit layed up from the previous nights drinking so I decided to stay at the hotel a while by myself. When I started feeling better I went out to have a smoke on the balcony and when I looked down this blonde chick is hanging it at the pool. She is wearing some kind of white dress looking thing. Probably meant to be a cover up.

She has been drinking a lot and after a while she jumps into the jacuzzi. I get to wondering, does she have anything on underneath that dress? Because if she doesn’t, damn that thing is gonna be see-through!

I go back inside and peek through the drapes and sure enough, when she gets out I can tell the temperature by looking at her rock hard nipples. This young hottie lays back down on a lounge chair and starts drinking again and I start buffing my cock to the sight of her small boobs and hair pie.

The next thing I know the lock is jiggling in the hotel room door and I am like, Oh SHIT!

I leeped back into bed and my old lady walks in with two beers and desides to cheer me up. She is sashaying her ass and pulling down the front of her top and bending over infront of me. Perfect, now I don’t have to explain my hardon!

After she climbs into bed she begins one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. The entire time I have that blonde number from the pool swimming in my brain and I am imagining her blowing me. I hope my ex never reads my blog!

So who is that nude blond teen above and where can you find her? She can be found at The people at Met-Art match some of the hottest girls nextdoor with the best in photography to create nude art so dazzling it will blow your mind. The girls are mostly barely legal but there are quite a few college coeds and even some MILFs here and there.

Check out the tour and scroll all the way down the front page to get an idea of just how erotic the girls are and how many tastes the site can accommodate. I am sure you will find something to your liking!

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Rakhees World

Rakhees World Indian Goddess

If you have spent anytime on my teen blog then you should know by now, I enjoy beauty. Rakhee is a friggin Indian Goddess of Beauty!

Personally I am not usually into Indian girls or Asian Girls. I am not really sure why. But there have been the exceptions to the rule and Rakhee is one of them. I’d be so fucking honered to take her home to mom and pop!

Her website, just got a new face lift and additional upgrades like her new forum. Traditionally the Indian culture is all about pleasentries and service. Now you can give her your pleasentries and she can better service your needs. It is a win-win!

Rakhees World is updated weekly and if you didn’t notice just by looking at the picture from her free Rakhees World Gallery above, this chick is gorgeous and the photography is a work of art.

This isn’t your grandaddy’s porn there, son!

If you have never experienced the beauty that Indian girls hold dear, then you definately need to get into the only Indain teens website I have ever joined!

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Andi Pink Army Brat

Andi Pink

Say hello to the Army’s newest recruit, Andi Pink!

Well, if the boys in Iraq could only be so lucky… Andi decided to do this gallery at the request of one of the boys in Iraq and what a great idea it is.

For those of you that live in a cave and have had no prior Internet experience until now, is one of the hottest spots on the net!

Andi started her website about a year ago and it immediate became a hit because of her…. well, you know… pinkness 🙂

Andi Pink is the ultimate girl nextdoor. Her skin is so fucking smooth you would swear it was grafted off of a babies ass. Her eyes are so hot they could melt glacier ice. Her lips, her smile… are you getting the idea here?

This teen nubile likes to keep her pussy closely cropped. I could only imagine what it’d feel like to run my dick inside her. But that is pretty much the point of porn isn’t it?

Each week members get both picture and video updates. Currently is running a promotion where members also get access to several other sites. These include Crimson Teens, Panty Fruit, Scarlet Peaches and

You will have so much porn on your hard drive you won’t have to signup anywhere else for months!

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Rookie Babe Krissy

Rookie Babe Krissy

Those tatoos are in ancient Chinese text.

They say, "Wide Ass."

Yeah, Krissy has a big wide ass… You don’t find many girls with that thick of an ass without dimples… Krissy is like one in a million.

Krissy is a Rookie Babe from San Bernardino, California. She gets the best of both worlds. An hour from the beach in the summer and an hour from the ski slopes in the winter.

This babe is of a dying breed. Someone you can take home to mom. A girl you can brag about to your buddies. Someone you can flaunt infront of your ex-bitch-of-a-whore and show her that you are indeed moving up. has plenty more of these tender morsels… Girls you dream of meeting but you are looking for them in bars and they are hanging out at the campus library.

If you like hot chicks and you like interacting with those hot chicks you have been jacking off about, I suggest you get your Rookie Babe Password right now.

The girls of show up at parties in Los Angeles and other major cities across the US and Canada. They do these parties pretty regularly. You also get to meet up with them online in the members forums. Then there are the wallpapers and screen savers… the E-Cards… It is like Playboy, only better because you actually get to meet the models!

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Nubiles Peaches

Nubiles Peaches
Say a big and hardy hello to Peaches from

Waking up to soft, tone skin in a nice and soft warm bed is the ultimate. Kind of lets you know that you have arrived. Well, if you are like me, the train has come and gone and you weren’t on it.

So when I want to achive that, “I am The Man,” feeling I go to my favorite place, The name alone lets you know this place is gonna rejuvinate you. It is going to pump some life-blood back into your soul.

Girls like Peaches cost about 12 pennies. Sure, it sounds much more poetic to say, “A dime a dozen,” but the truth is that each girl is going to cost you 12 cents per month to look at. That is 238 nubile models for only $29.31 per month. I think that is a nice bargain.

Nubiles has stepped up model interaction quite a bit lately. You will be impressed. As a Member, you can interact with your favorite model in the members forum and even put in requests for upcoming shoots. Plus each barely legal nubile has her personal bio online for you to pour over.

Each and every week they add three new sets complete with pictures and videos making a one stop shop for your Nubiles Porn discount link with 72% off on teen porn!

Kristina Fey Natural Beauty

Kristina Fey Natural Beauty

There was recently a big hoopla in the webmaster community about solo models. Kristina Fey above is a solo model. The hoopla was over the increasing number of girls trying to make it big as the next hot solo model.

Personally, I prefer girls who are naturally beautiful. Kristina Fey fits the bill one hundred percent. She has small tits that are nice and firm. Delicious pink nipples (I imagine) and an awesome shaved vulva (she often leaves a landing strip on top).

Kristina has a naturally beautiful face too. That is important because that was actually what most of the hoopla was about. Butter-faced chicks trying to pass themselves off as models.

Any dumbass can get a camera and shoot his girlfriend naked in a motel room or on a deserted patch of land. But it takes a professional to find a gem like Kristina Fey and turn her into an Internet icon.

Pancho Dog has been shooting girls for over four years. He shoots all of the photosets and videos on The Dog does model shoots right. If a set isn’t 100% awesome it isn’t used. That is a true sign of class and if someone wants me to feel comfortable giving my credit card details to them, they had better have a lot of class.

Members of get updates twice a week. Photos are 1024x or higher and videos are always 100% downloadable.

And… YES, Kristina does get 100% naked in the members area!

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Alyssa Doll

Alyssa Doll

I met John Albright at a webmasters convention. He knew I was doing teen themed blogs and he wanted some help picking a girl to headline his new network, Teen Dolls.

I told him to ditch the glamour and mainstream ideas of beauty. Everyone has plenty of girls that are Pamela Anderson clones, we don’t need anymore. Everyone has your average hottie… A girl who was probably a cheerleader at some point and was always thought of as beautiful.

I pointed John towards girls like Gigi Lightspeed , Stacy Bride, Jordan Capri and Tawnee Stone. Girls that anybody could pick up in a bar. Girls that most guys would actually have a chance of landing in bed.

Weeks went by and finally I got an ICQ message. He had found the perfect girl to headline his new network, Alyssa Doll. I took one look at her and I was blown away. She was perfect in every way!

Alyssa is quirky and full of energy. Personally I think that is a big plus. Lets be honest, when we go online looking for porn we want to have an experience we can’t get from our wives and girlfriends… You don’t go looking for a mistress who is boring and dull, you look for someone younger and full of energy, like Alyssa Doll.

Along with her great attitude, Alyssa has a rock hard body. Her skin is flawlessly tan and she obviously tans in the nude. A big plus because I have plenty of sunshine around my pool in the backyard. I can just imagine her on a raft wearing a skimpy bikini... The water droplets all over her beautiful skin. Her top coming off and her pert tits standing at attention. Her nipples as hard as rocks updates with fully nude content on a weekly basis. Alyssa takes requests for themed shoots directly from her members.

If you need a new girl in your life to start the new year right, try Alyssa Doll on for size!

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Dakota South

Dakota South Bra Snap

Son of a bitch!

What do they make bras out of now’a’days? Taffy?

This here is Dakota South. She is hawt. My money says she is from South Dakota but I could be wrong about that.

Dakota is a teenager with way to much time on her hands. The perfect girl for you. You can read her diary. Watch her pose and makeout with her friends. Tell her what to wear and what to do. She is all yours!

Her website updates twice a week with sizzling footage. The videos are downloadable. She sucks a mean sucker!

Got something you want to tell Dakota? Signup and email her!

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Rookie Babe Mai

Rookie Babe Mai

Rookie… Are you like me? Do you prefer to buy albums from bands that can create a CD that you can play in its entirety in your car stereo? Rookie Babe!

No, I don’t have a fucking stutering problem smart ass! I am just letting you know about Rookie Babe. One of the only sites I let rebill because every girl on the site is an 8 to a 10. There are no ugly bitches here. None…

OK, so a particular girl might not be your "type." So what… At least you don’t have to look at a red headed step-child in a line up just before you Fleshlight your cock to death.

Maybe you don’t like Asians like Mai. Perhaps you don’t have a yearning for her small tits or her tight asian pussy. Maybe you are into large breasts and blondes. No problem, pal, Rookie Babe has girls of all types, latinas, ebony, European, Indian…. You name your type and they have several of them.

How can this be? Well, updates daily. Yes, I did say daily. Rookie Babe videos, photos, screen savers, wallpapers, E-cards, so much activity it will blow your fucking mind.

Rookie Babe will have your cock knock’in and your balls a’rockin. You will be wondering, "Why didn’t I see this site before? Why did I waste my money on other bitches? Why did I fall for daily updates in the past when the updates were 50% ugly as fuck bitches?"

Because douche bag, you didn’t bookmark Virgins19 or Rhino’s Girls and so you have no fucking clue about what you are doing. You have been letting your dickhead make the decisions.

NO MORE! Get your Rookie Babe pass and put your cock where it belongs, inside a Fleshlight. You can thank me later.

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Rookie Babe Dena

Rookie Babe Dena

I am not real hot on blue-eyed blonds… Don’t get me wrong, they don’t turn me off – it’s just that they are so cliche and maybe I am a rebel. Call me a non-conformist, an outcast or just plain stupid…

Call me what you will but I have to say, Dena here is a blond bombshell. While I wouldn’t give Pamela Anderson the time of day, I would give Dena a spot in my bed anytime.

Dena’s face reminds me of Kirsten Dunst. But with brighter eyes and a better smile (if that is possible). While her ass isn’t thick and round, it isn’t boney either and it caps off some shapely long legs. Dena’s tits are’t really big either but, they fit nicely in the palms of your hands.

Unlike most blondes that look this hot, you can almost imagine Dena in a wet t-shirt contest in Ensenada. Or maybe posing for Playboy in a college girls issue.

Of course that is all the more easier to imagine since she is posing for Rookie Babe and that is how we are getting a glimpse of her nakedness right now.

Good’ole… As if during the Holiday Season we didn’t have enough to do, they go and tempt us with over nine and a half hours of video and over 10,000 photos featuring over 100 models! Those rat-bastards! You’ve got to love em!

Each girl at Rookie Babe is profiled with questions and answers much like Playboy does to their centerfolds… Only more questions and those questions go deeper into their psychi. They also have E-Cards that you can send to your friends (for Xmas) and the girls are active on the bulletin board.

The babes also attend activities on behalf of the website. So you can actually meet these girls face-to-face. Past events include pictures and signings at Teddy’s (in Hollywood, CA), Lingerie Bash at the Playboy Mansion and Girls Night Out (Wet T-Shirt Contest) in various locals. knows you have a lot of shopping to do and they respect that. So they are going to give you a 3 day pass for only $5.95 so that you can buy the full membership after Christmas. But, if you are one of those people with money lying around, I would suggest you go for the 3 Months at $49.95 and pick up the free DVD in the process!

The DVD is loaded with 15 Rookie Babes and it rocks! The video is crystal clear and the girls look like they are having a blast. You should view the trailer. The video includes the original girls, Nadia, Athena, Kelly, Cara, Nikki, Kaylee, Isabella, Arianna, Dorothy, Mandy, Cristal, Amber, Ashton, Valerie and Crystal.

And if you like blondes, pay special attention to Athena, she is a stunner!

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Emily 18 Lingerie

Emily18 Tasty Sweet

When it comes to small tits, barely legal teens, you cannot beat Emily18. This is one shorty you can fantasize about and not get into trouble.

Emily looks younger than she isa lot younger. But rest assured, she is over 18 so you won’t have the cops knocking at your door for looking at her, though I am not responsible for your jealous wife. is some what about youth and innocence and a lot about Emily sharing her naughty secrets with you.

Her website screams personality. You really get a sense of who she is and what is important to her. Obviously looking cute is very important to her. Emily is turned off by guys who don’t respect girls but one of her turn ons is dirty sex talk!

So are you one of the lucky guys who can walk the fine line that leads into her panties?

Sapphic Erotica Lesbo Teens

Sandra and Brooke

When it comes to lesbians, there is only one website I turn to… OK, there are two websites I turn to and one of them is Sapphic Erotica. The website I always have to double check the spelling on because it just seems off a bit. (The other site is We Live Together).

You might be wondering why I enjoy so much or you might have figured it out on your own by watching Sandra and Brooke getting it on. Sapphic Erotica is more than just a lesbian site.

Not only do you get to see chicks getting it on, but you also get to see HOT babes getting it on. That is important because anyone can buy licensed shitty content of ugly chicks making out and call it an update and I’d be willing to bet this weeks paycheck that enough surfers would buy that load of horse crap in enough numbers to make it more than profitable to do so… believes in quality. Everything is shot in high definition and every girl in the scene is completely and totally fuckable. No if’s and’s or but’s about it, they are extemely fuckable!

To bad too.. Because they are lesbians so you aren’t gonna fuck a single babe on this site. But hey, that is the point? I pose that as a question instead of making it a statement on purpose. I want to joggle your noggin.

I personally don’t like men in my porn. Sure I can pretend I am he and all of that shit but – nope! I don’t want to see a mans ass or back or muscles or anything that isn’t feminine.. Homophobic? Sure… I guess I am… So when I flip on the porn I prefer the entire scene to be made up of women… Wall-to-wall fuckable bitches!

Sapphic Erotica is perfect for guys like me! They are also in the top five websites that lesbians prefer to view. So there must be something right about Sapphic Erotica if that is the case!

The webmaster, Bailey (a man) is one of the coolest blokes on the face of the Earth. I met him at a convention once and I also met him as a customer a few years ago. In both instances he was a stand up guy and very easy to talk to. He even used some of my suggestions in a shoot once. That is a cool motherfucker!

Updates happen weekly and there are over 400 amateur lesbian videos on the site. Bailey captures these girls actually having sex with each other. Not faking it for the camera. You get to see girls using toys of various shapes and sizes including lesbian strapon videos. Every video features girls kissing mouth-on-mouth. You even get to see girls going anal on each other! Both fingers and mouths!

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Sara Sexton Cute Teen

Sara Sexton

Cute teen Sara Sexton… Who is she?

To me Sara is a perfect representation of a girl I once dated. Sara has green and hazel eyes. A nice sexy mix that draws you into them. Especially, when she is kneeling infront of you.

Like my exgirlfriend, Sara has a nice thick shape to her body. Chunky here and there but not fat and no ripples. Nice because it makes for some really nice curves… like the curve of her ass, the fullness of her pert tits and the slight bump in her stomache reminding us she still has some baby fat.

My ex used to get on top of me and gind her hips into me. With all of that extra flesh it was a nice full feeling. Grabbing that wide ass and working my cock into her pussy was a dream come true. She was my fifth sex parter and it seemed that she was built for having sex.

Now that I have a password to, I can re-live those days of youth. That is one of the greatest qualities of porn. You can cheat without cheating and without knocking another bitch up… And you have to admit, $29.99 a month is the cheapest a bitch is ever going to cost you… especially when you are cheating!

But Sara Sexton isn’t a bitch… She doesn’t nag at you or put you down… infact, she lift you up… so to speak… You also get access to 65 other websites that are full complete and frequently updated websites. These are not bonus streaming video feeds but real websites.

Sara adds new content to her website every week with new pics and videos. And remember, the other solo girls in her network also update weekly too! This is a win-win… win.. win.. win.. win… situation!

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88 Square REAL Asians!

Panty Jobs Ashley

Asians… They have got to be one of the tastiest races on the planet.

But why?

Like Latin women, Asian women have skin color all year-round and retain it even in their nether regions. They also have long, sexy, brunette hair.

Asian girls have dick sucking lips. A quality normally attributed to the ebony crowd. And Asian girls know when to keep their mouths shut :)

But unlike African and Latin girls, Asian girls have small frames. Mostly they have small tits with a few exceptions and women under 25 are usually petite. Perhaps that is part of the draw. A girl you can fuck and then throw into your shirt pocket, out of the way.

Panty Jobs Ashley

This barely legal Asian beauty is from 88 Square. I am not certain where they picked that name up from but I think it is from thumbnail gallery posts (TGPs). Back in the day bandwidth cost a bundle and monitors had shitty resolutions, so 88×88 pixel thumbnail previews actually looked huge. Now they look like shit… Unless they have an Asian in them :)

At 88 Square you get access to a treasure trove of Asian content. They shoot everything in high resolution. You can see the attention to detail in the photos above.

Most of the girls at are from Thailand. I don’t know what they are feeding their women, but they sure make some awesome babies!

A big draw for the site is that it is more than just porn. It is poetic in its use of color and visual cues. You probably have never joined a REAL Asian site before; Mr Chews Asian Beaver is NOT a REAL Asian website. Sorry to have to be the one to tell you so… 88 Square is the closest you can get to a real site and still be able to read it.

If you are a true fan of Asian girls and Asian porn I suggest you get yourself a membership at 88 Square and see what you have been missing.

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